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Original 07 Proto Matrix Rail?

08 March 2009 - 03:58 PM

Hey all, does anyone know where I could still buy the original 07 Proto Matrix Rail. Not the new 09 Proto Matrix Rail. Also Please link the website you found it on. The reason why I want the 07 PMR is because I don't feel like paying 200 more dollars just for some upgrades that I would not of bought. Besides the on/off asa, alluminum back...etc. I would've found cheaper upgrades. I think the original 07 PMR is around $250 to $280(if you find it cheaper then...great :lol: ). Some websites vary on the price. Again please list the link to the website you found the original 07 Proto Matrix Rail.. Thank You. :) (Hopefully they will have it in Black ^_^)

Need Help. Need Opinions.

05 March 2009 - 03:11 PM

Hey all, I'm having trouble deciding what marker I would like to purchase(used or new). Right now I have an Ion <_< , the upgrades consist of
-Shocktech SSC Body Kit
-Smart Parts Twist-Lock feedneck Low Rise
-Shocktech Drop Forward
-Shocktech On/Off ASA
-Shocktech SuperFly Bolt
-Smart Parts QEV
Everything Else is stock.
It is Basically Brand New. I also would like to know what to sell this gun for.
Now my price range is $250 to $400.
I've been looking at used DM5's-DM7's. Also the G3 is pretty nice. Put in your input on to what marker I should purchase with this price range. New or Used. Thank You. :D