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leave the fucking kid alone

27 January 2010 - 07:30 PM

Holy shit, look at this video and read the comments,the kid is like 13 and people are telling him to go kill himself
(he has an sl94)
and if you watch the rest of his videos and read his channel comments there are lots more comments like this

no fucking wonder paintball is dying.
If i was that kid,i would stop playing paintball,or stop making videos for youtube
i think they just make fun of him because he has nice gear and they are jealous.

Is paintball dyeing?

06 November 2009 - 08:25 PM

Hey techpb, I was watching some videos of the world cup,and some videos are from this year,and from 2005 and up,it seems like there were alot more people at the events,more booths,etc;is there still as many people going to big tournements compared to 4-5 years ago? what im trying to ask is if you guys think paintball is dyeing,cause i hope not,i love the sport alot

new music,ufc posers

05 November 2009 - 10:09 PM

hey techpb,there is somethings that drive me up the fucking wall,first of; people who watch ufc think they know everything about fighting,and all the moves(and not to mention how fucking expensive tapout merchendise is)

second;the new prep look(abercrombie and fitch,hollister,am eagle.That shit just looks *banmeplzktx* (I can say *banmeplzktx*, because me and my life partner go to Disney every single year) as fuck

third;the music right know,oh my god,its horrible it's so fucking horrible (like miley cyrus party in the usa,jay sean down.crap like that is not music at all

fourth;susan boyle,yup ok,we know who she is,im sick of seeing her on youtube,and everywhere else.

rant ended

old lady gets mad

25 August 2009 - 11:47 PM

ok,sit back and get ready,this is long and funny.

My brother who is 13 years old cuts an old lady's lawn.We lived about 2 minutes from her house(he cut the grass to pay for paintball) and then we moved to a differnet town(2 days ago).So around 4;00 oclock we get a call at our new house and she starts bitching at my little brother saying why havent you been cutting my grass etc.and my brother says i moved away,i am not going to get my dad to drive me 45 minutes away to cut your grass and that conversation ended there. So about an hour later we get another call from here,(and she says she is going to call her lawyer and the police. THE REASON IT IS SO FUNNY IS BECAUSE SHE IS GOING TO CALL THE COPS BECAUSE MY BROTHER STOPPED CUTTING HER LAWN she didnt pay him to do it,my brother just said sorry i moved away i cant but it anymore.Keep in mind that we didnt take it seriously we were trying not to laugh on the phone.

im just putting this up here because she thinks that my brother signed a verbal contract to cut her grass for the rest of the year,we moved away and stopped cutting her grass.and she called her lawyer,and the police because my brother isn't cutting her lawn.

sorry if this didn't make too much sense,its almost 1;00 am

P.S she is 75,my brother is 13,im 15. the hole situation is fucking hilarious what makes it even more funny is that her name is remi

is paintball dyeing

25 August 2009 - 11:17 PM

hey techpb,i watched an old 2004 commanders cup video on dvd.paintball seems to be dyeing,there were so many more companies back then.what do you guys think? do you think paintball will ever be as good as it used to be?