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New Years Day Big Game

27 December 2009 - 08:36 AM

Celebrate the New year by blasting your friends and family!! Every year we pack in the people for a huge game of paintball at both locations. Support your favorite Wacky Warriors field by trying to break last years record of over 550 players!!! Bonfire, prizes hot chocolate and paintball fun!!! Gates open 9am Get there early to get a parking spot!!!

$20/per person with air own gun

$35/per person with entry, air, rental equipment and 500rds

$50/per person with entry,air and case of 2000rds

It's going to be held at Wacky Warriors in Wentzville, Missouri.

Issues with a Phantom VSC

02 November 2009 - 11:59 PM

Alright, I've owned my Phantom for about 4 or 5 Months. No issues, love it. But then last weekend my 12 Gram Changer started leaking. I'm aware that this is not the hardline, and it is not anywhere above where the 12 gram changer meets the Phanom's VSC adapter.

To me it seems the puncture is worn, or something around that. I'm also sending an E-Mail to CCI to see what's up.

I think that a bad 12 gram got in there, or one punctured unusually and wore down the Puncture enough to have a leak.

The leak isn't too bad, and you can only hear it if you put your ear up to the 12 Gram Changer.

So anybody had this problem? Know what to do? Know what's up?

Thanks for your time :)

280 Paintball Official thread

19 September 2009 - 11:01 PM

While we can't move to St.Louis, we have people who play here semi regular from St.Louis.

Lol, 8 hour drive there and back every other weekend? Yeah I doubt somebody would pay $50 extra just to go out that way and play paintball when you can get the same stuff out here, just outdoors. :)

The drive does suck. I've driven to St. Louis and turned around and come straight back before. :(
Make a friend in KC, crash at their place and make a weekend of it. We don't really have anything
cool to offer that St. Louis doesn't have except Boulebvard Brewery and 280 Paintball. But at least
you can have a refreshing Boulebvard IPA and shoot some people with paintballs.

Being 15, and without a drivers license, and still in school would make that a once a year type of thing. It might make sense to go out there during the summer and spend a week out there, but then we would need to cover hotel costs, and it's just really not worth it.

You guys should drive 4 hours to come meet us out here in St.Louis :P
Just move your whole facility here so we can get a new indoor place going out here. :D

I feel like a bit of a meany pants...

12 September 2009 - 09:21 PM

First game today, we played on a huge field that I had not yet played on. Two of us hugged the left tape line, and met against two others on the opposing team. After a 5 minute long dog fight of Pump VS Timmy, the guy's hopper breaks, and he has to take it off his gun, and set it down. So I'm thinking "oooh I can get him out" So I shot his broken hopper, and from there it means if he touches it he's basically out. So he calls himself out, and yells that I was being a bit cheap. And I feel like an ass because he already had a broken hopper :( He left the field about an hour later.

I tried apologizing, because that's not really my style, I try to be as nice as possible to people, even if they've been playing for years. But there's just no way to apologize to somebody when you shot their hopper.

Do you think what I did was the right thing? What would you do in that situation?

EDIT: Oh, it's my first Topic in like 9,000 years.. Interesting.

TechPB chat category/forum suggestion

23 July 2009 - 03:47 AM

Just a slight thought, but I think it would be great to change up the TechPB chat forum into it's own category. Then under it, have Unban Requests/confusions/etc. then after that put TechPB ban logs, or history, and a final forum in this category would be a TechPB Chat Technical issues.

If the TechPB chat was created into it's own category then people wouldn't make the mistake of putting Paintball Chatter in there, like they often do. This would also be a bit more organized seeing as it wouldn't fall under TechPB official.

If we had an Unban inqueries/mistakes/requests/etc. section it would keep possible off topic chatter out of that section, and it would be a bit nicer to read. And people would realize where they're posting, and they would have an easier time posting their unbans and getting mods to reply.

Then the TechPB ban logs, or history. I think it would help notify users if they're banned, and why, and some background log information to show them as proof so when they request an unban this would further help them to organize this out. It would also be quicker, and easier for moderators to find a ban in the logs, or even just post the logs from the ban log.

Finally, a forum dedicated to only chat tenical questions, comments, and concerns. It would be easier for people to ask questions about setting up mIRC, or xchat, or if they're having a real issue. Mods, or users can look into helping them out and fixing the problem to get the person onto the chat.

All in all, if we had a new category for the TechPB chat overall it would help advertise the chat itself, thus keeping the chat more active, and conversation more lively. However, with the new website and everything coming, I think it may not be needed. We would get more use out of the chat as it is, and people should be able to admit that we could use some more users on the chat willing to chatter.

Thanks for your time :)