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To help with the pm spammers

24 April 2009 - 06:37 AM

I say that to post a link in a pm you must have a certain post count or something. Im just tired of getting pms daily with spam in them, and I know several others agree. I don't know if adding a post count requirement is sufficient, but lately, i really think something has to be done. Do you ban IP? it may be that its one guy who keeps re-registering, and has a way to avoid being caught with his IP address.

I dont know why lately people have been getting a lot of these spams, but I think something should be done. Maybe something is being done already, but if you have any better ideas on this post, because this is something I want to fix up.

Reporting user mignulikz

07 April 2009 - 03:58 PM

I just received a pm from him asking for help with a link to adult content. I do not know if this is enough to merit a ban, but he has zero post count and personally I find linking to sites like that very unacceptable

username: mignulikz

thanks :tup:

Exotics Club

22 March 2009 - 08:50 PM

Exotics Club

This club is for a special kind of paintball gun. I'm not starting another high ends club, to get in here it is going to be a bit different. The guns must not only be High end, but Exotic, in a good way obviously :). One-of-one custom certainly will help your cause also. For an example, Xmags are definetly exotic, as well as 04 Excaliburs, however, Sl8rs are not, they were mass produced and are not near as rare as the above guns. An example of a newer exotic would be a SLY FLY, a mikko Pm8, or an Exalt Droid.

In a sense, the members of this club own the Ferrari's of Paintball guns, the best of the best. Submissions will be judged, once we have a council, for now apps will have to simply run through me.

When applying, post the gun, specs, Custom work if applicable, and a video if possible
Obviously, you have to prove that you own the gun
Be polite, I am trying to keep this a more reserved club
Stay Active

Judging Criteria:
Look of gun: 50 pts
Uniqueness: 20 pts
Custom work: 10 pts
(more will be awarded for excessive custom work)
Custom anno: 5 pts
Pictures/Quality of Pictures and Video: 10 pts
Proof of ownership: 5 pts
(if shown immediately, If you do not show that you own the gun eventually you will not be accepted.)

TOTAL: 100 pts
90-100 True Exotic
80-90 Rare Custom
70-80 Unique
60-70 Nothing too special
0-50 _________ (fill it in)

If you wish to join as a Fan, just post saying you would like to and I will put your name on the fan list.

1. realballer score:90
2.CrazyLittle (score TBA)
3.Kitty (score TBA)
4.tweetyarmy (score TBA)

Exotics Owners:
1. MasterBaller Score: 72
2. JLonsinger2011 Score: 78


Even more exciting, if we gather enough fans we may have GOTM competitions between other high end clubs

We will hold our own GOTM competitions, with a prize at the end of the year for the GOTY. And, if we become well known enough, Jerseys are also a possibility.

So, post up, have fun, and welcome to the club!

Probably the most win headshot ever

08 March 2009 - 12:38 PM

Okay, so Im playing COD5 with the PTRS-41 on Hangar. Im sniping from a building on one side of the map into the hangar, and I see a lot of people bustling around on the other team, so I just fire off a shot hoping to hit somebody. Well, I killed 5 people with one bullet. It went through two heads into a bouncing betty, killing another 3 people. :huh: :blink: :lol:

I completed so many challenges I levled up twice, I just wish I had caught it on camera to put it on youtube, but it was totally unexpected, just another day of COD. O well, it was still epic win regardless

spydermag in progress

26 February 2009 - 07:45 AM

I apologize for the pics in advance.

Okay, I had no hw tonight :D , so I was down in my shop messin around with my pball guns. I have a rex r2 that was in pieces, i hated the thing. So, I thought id do a spydermag. So i traced it up, drilled a bit, and here is how far i got:

Posted Image

I had to widen the back hole:
Posted Image

Drill a pocket, and a new screw hole (pocket is on the right, if you do this be careful not to go too deep or you will drill into the trigger guard:
Posted Image

and thats just about it. Tomorrow i will mod the sears. That was super easy, now I have an emag for free, and i am happy :). I will probably put it on the micromag body when I get that, but I really think for people on a budget this works great and requires minimal modding, just some drilling and dremeling to do. screw ep mags, this works great!