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09 ego or 08 ego sl8r

25 March 2009 - 07:40 PM

okay i need a little help well actually alot of help.
i was getting ready to buy an 09 ego went to the local paintball shop in cali while im on a business trip and the have a nib 08 ego sl8r for only $125 more.

im having a really hard time deciding, if anyone can give me a little insight i would appreciate it.

i do like that it comes with the full barrel kit, the color is sweet.
the down side it is last years tech but does it really matter that much. where the changes from 08 to 09 that drastic that i should forget about the sl8r.

im also on a time line im heading back home tommorrow evening

A little marker advise needed

07 March 2009 - 04:06 PM

Okay i just got back into PB after a 10 yr break and picked up a mini about 4 months ago. I havent had any problems with the marker mechanically (once the solenoid got stuck). but the problem i am having the more i play is the mini is well, too mini for me. im 6'2 and i feel a little cramped holding it. i have to loop my thumb through the trigger guard to hold it right and that causes probems when walking the trigger. so i think i want to pick up something new in a more traditional size (if that makes sense).

i can comfortably spend 500-700 and maybe push a little higher if needed and the wife wont notice :rolleyes:
im still doing a lot of research most of the brands have changed since i was in pb so im a little clueless. i though a little about picking up a used ego8 or dm8 but im hesitant about buying used. i see to many people abusing there stuff and i dont want to buy a clunker off ebay. i meticulously maintain my equipment and think i would have a hard time finding a used gun up to my standards

so any recommendations on new markers in that price range. primarly play semi-auto