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An email from DYE regaurding girl pants

17 March 2009 - 01:50 PM

So i questioned Dye as to why there are no girl paintball pants and his response was:

This is something that DYE has worked on for a number of years but when i all said and done the requirements for a paintball pant are the same whether you are female or male. Our R&D studio is littered with prototypes and designs but when these were sent out for testing/appraisal , all the girls said that they didn't see the point in having something different than the boys, especially if you are playing on the same team and wearing the same gear. As a result we have never pursued it.

It is also interesting, that all of the girls who I have talked too, played with and sponsored....said that they didn't want to stand out as being different. They all said they were "ballers" and that was how they wanted it.
As far as casual wear goes, the girls stuff does sell but in small numbers and as a result we have cut back on that line as each year passes so that we can focus on what we are good at and what sells.

If you feel you have a product that will sell and you can make it a reality then I would say go for it but please bear in mind that the market you are looking at is very small to start with. As you say... there are not many girls playing although, having said that, there are more than you would think!


For the 12 girls that are on this site, please tell me if you want to be one of the "ballers". I understand teams and having the same uniform but what about if your not on a team. And for the men.... do you think girls should have their own line?