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In Topic: Any good Speedball fields in Raleigh or close by.

04 May 2009 - 06:49 AM

gotcha paintball is pretty good. but make sure you go there on a day some of our tourney ballers are playing.

In Topic: ACTS @ GPI OCT 11th

30 October 2008 - 04:41 PM

ok well.....this tourney has long been over and since i didnt play i reffed =[

In Topic: Predator Field

29 October 2008 - 04:42 PM

is Predator even worth going to try out because my friend wants me to go there and try it out

In Topic: Team Outlook

29 October 2008 - 04:40 PM

it seems like you are having some bad luck my friend haha

In Topic: Team Vitality

24 October 2008 - 03:35 PM

good luck finding players