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In Topic: Phantom Setups

28 August 2013 - 12:05 AM

Phantom: Black VSC
Feed: 15 Round Tube
Airsource: 12 Grams or HPA if Needed
Barrel: Stock 11" Freak Bored
Accessories: Tacamo Gas Thru T Stock 
Undercocking Kit
ASP Detent Oring Mod

In Topic: Autococker SR problems... ditch it?

20 August 2013 - 02:12 PM



It still has the same defects in design, balls roll out of the barrel...  ASA is not really on/off...


Between the lack of reliability and cost to get it back up and "reliable" (5 way solenoid is $80, same as Dye DM6) a few hundred extra and I can have a new gun without the design flaws and lack of replacement parts.


Should I spend the $80 to get it up and running or save up for another gun?


Any thoughts on what type of gun ?  I'd like to keep the price below $350.   


Sorry for the wall of text.  Thanks in advance.

1) Ball Rollouts are common on ANY closed bolt marker that has a large bore. Fix that by getting some sort of barrel kit. (Note some closed bolt markers may have a detent system to prevent rollouts (Wedgits, ASP Oring MOd) But for the most part most closed bolt markers will have rollout problems.

2)ON/OFF ASA isn't really necessary. Anyways, pick up a cheap OOPS for like $30.00 if you want.

What marker are you looking for. Electro? Mech? At the $350 +/- some mark you can get almost any nice used marker, like an older Ego, A vice, Protege,Etha, GOG, some Cocker Pumps.... 

In Topic: vice questions?

19 August 2013 - 10:06 PM

Ok first I typed this FAST! Look at my previous threads and or post. My English and typing skills are quite fine! Secondly, the detents do look worn, would not hurt to replace them! Thirdly I do have a pressure tester, hence why I know the pressure is at 70. Next I asked about the dwell, which is at 8. I have seen/heard of it being different! Then I asked about it being more consistent. What can I do? Also just a side note, I did check google and do a search for vice detents. That link came up. But as I stated "what kind of detents go in this" so I clearly was not sure, hence why I asked! So I did a search no need to be such a dick! And I just want to know, once a gun is as broken in as this, and it is a bob long I know people tune them. So I am asking, what do you recommend doing if I insist on trying to tune it. What does what? Turning it up and down etc. and a different lpr setting even perhaps


Bob Long markers are typically very finicky when it comes to pressure. Your best bet is to find access to a pressure tester before messing with the electronics. I have found that there are a lot of guys willing to let you use theirs locally. Try a quick FB search of LOCAL players groups and ask if someone could meet you at the field so you could play do some tuning and make a new friend. 

Also Juzy PREECH!


In Topic: vice questions?

19 August 2013 - 06:44 PM


FYI Proteges are pretty much just like Vices just without the fancy milling and such.

Below is what Mike told me



Backing off how hard you hit the poppet (reducing LPR pressure, reducing dwell) can have a pretty negative effect on how your gun performs

If you have to increase HPR pressure to increase velocity (with a "tuned LPR"), this can have a "submarine door" effect on the poppet, and your reduced dwell and LPR pressure can actually cause your velocity to go down. 

If you smack the poppet hard, it opens up all the way, allowing your to run a lower HPR which is what actually propels the ball out of the barrel.

I tend to just run my dwell @ 8ms, LPR @ 80psi, and I've found this allows me to reduce my HPR pressure to get to 300fps. 

Leave your dwell @ 8ms. Set your gun to 80psi and your HPR to 300fps. Then start backing out your LPR slowly until your velocity starts to drop. Once it starts to drop, tighten it 1/4 turn. That should put your ram at it's optimum pressure so it's not over-smacking the poppet, causing vibration through the gun. 

Idealy, you shouldn't be using your LPR to adjust velocity. If you are, you need to increase your LPR pressure. 

But I've found from shooting Bob Long's for years, that they really tend to like 80psi. Once you start going below that, all hell breaks loose with inconsistency over the chrono. I played the entire 2009 PSP using the Vice, and I kept it at 80psi the entire season. Every time I walked up the chrono, regardless of what city I was in, it shot consistent. Whenever my consistency started to get a bit flaky, low LPR was always to blame. 

Hope this helps!

In Topic: Paintball in the future?

08 August 2013 - 08:27 PM

A change to tournament play so that it's watchable/easy to understand for the general public.

Any HUD system is too COD for me. people get tunnel vision as it is.

It'd be cool to have an accurate count of how many paintballs are in your hopper/how many shots you could get off your tank.