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What do i choose?

11 February 2013 - 07:50 PM

Hey everyone i'm currently trying to buy a new woodsball gun. I'm looking on my local craigslist and I've found two guns that i'm stuck in between with.
The first gun is a tippmann sierra one/project salvo for a total of $145 and includes:
- 3000psi CO2 tank
- basic gravity feed hopper
- foregrip

The second gun is a basic Tippmann A5 for a total of $90 for just the gun and hopper that originally comes with it.

I don't tend to do many upgrades to the sierra one other then a laser mount. but with the A5 i would probably want it having that mp5 look.
What package is worth the buy here? I want to save money, and need someones opinion who might have owned either one of these guns before. Thank you in advance!