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12 April 2013 - 12:39 PM

99% of the penalties are for playing on

There is a HUGE difference though, in how the PSP and the NPPL consider a penalty

In the PSP, Rule 6.8.8 is the one that will cause your team to lose the game, every single time.

6.8.8. A player who asks a teammate or judge to verify a hit that the player could have verified
unassisted will be assessed a major penalty. [74]

If you feel a "bump", and glance at the ref to see if you are truly out instead of checking it yourself, you + 2 players are pulled immediately.

You are better off just pulling yourself out on a bounce, than to risk getting a major. Your team can win with 4 players on the field, it can't win with only 2 players.

This has happened to us numerous times in the PSP, a front player dives into his bunker, gets hit on the head, shoulder, hip or leg, glances up at the ref... major penalty, 2 for 1.

The NPPL is a little bit more realistic in their penalties. If you attempt to make a game changing move after you are hit, THEN it's a major penalty. Such as a run-through, or running up the field, or moving to a new bunker, that's when they call penalties in the NPPL

In the PSP, if you don't know how to play to the penalties, your team won't make it to their bunkers. 2 seconds into the game you're all off the field. It's happened to me many times.

What gets people in tournaments, is that tournament grade paint does NOT feel like recball paint. Just about any tap or bump is going to be a broken ball / elimination. When you play the PSP, the paint shot at the PSP and NPPL is ultra fragile compared to the paint you shoot at practice. You'll feel the most subtle of tap on the shoulder, and think to yourself "That didn't break..." and keep playing.... major

The first thing I ALWAYS do when I feel a tap, is get off the trigger. This will save you 80% of the time. Simply stop shooting! Next, don't look at the refs. If you glance at the ref, that's a major penalty! So don't look at them, continue to check yourself as best as you can. If you see any paint on you, even if it's a drop, pull yourself out. But do NOT look at the refs. You can listen for them, but don't look at them.

Looking at the refs in the PSP, with a self-verifiable hit, is a major penalty. So check it yourself, and if you see ANY specs or drops of paint, get off the field ASAP

so what if you check yourself and its not easily verified. AKA you get a pack hit? i just want to clear this up for people reading.

In Topic: G5 or g4

19 March 2013 - 09:17 PM

G5 all the way the dp macro line are terrible the g5 macroless feture is amazing for the price and with the great dp asa you cant go wrong. Its the best dp gun made in my opinion. It feels great its super light but feels solid unlike a g4. Save yourself the hastle and get the g5 and never look back. Used they are like $200 so you might want to loom into that. If tou have any questions on buying used ide be happy to help because i know a lot of people are hesitant about it but thats how you find great deals. Like i just bought a nice geo 1 with case and all for $215. You just have to know how to shop.

In Topic: Kevin's Electro Sale! 2/22 UPDATE

15 February 2013 - 08:31 PM

If you still have independence take $250

In Topic: Super sexy NXT shocker, DM7, Empire sniper

21 December 2012 - 09:34 AM

ill give you 100 bucks for the dm7 and a taco

as long as its a bean and cheese

no its garne assada

In Topic: Super sexy NXT shocker, DM7, Empire sniper

20 December 2012 - 04:39 PM

ill give you 100 bucks for the dm7 and a taco