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17 March 2012 - 09:57 PM

I play up there I went last week with a mini but next time I'm up there I'll be with my ego. Stop by and interface yourselves

Are you going to be at the Easter game? If so I'd like the chance to introduce myself, just ask for fink. I'd like to say I'll look for the person with a mini or ego, but there are a few of those running around the field. See ya up there.

In Topic: Anyone play at Apocalypse Games in

09 February 2012 - 04:14 AM

I play there every weekend. I love the place. Great staff, good fields, good price. There are normally like 5 good tourney players, 15 renters and the rest are inbetween. We have been having like 40 some a day for the past few weeks.

Sunday i actually had my first bad experience there. I got to center tarp on the woods field and one of the old (probably 50ish, back surgery, elbow surgery, luxe and a hella ton of pods) was on the other side. You can see through the bunker so i'm watching every move. I stick my pistol over the bunker, but i don't surrender him because i can't directly see him and i don't shoot because it's like 6 inches to his throat. I pull my tiberius back down and try to figure something else out. He then puts his luxe over the top and lights me up. four shots, one to the arm, one to the chest, one to the other arm, and one to the finger. I think he also missed a few. Two refs, including the main ref/field owner, are watching, they laughed. I'm not going back till i'm healed up (still all scabbed up and my finger is shredded) and then i'm sure as hell never bringing a new player to the field. They used to crack down on people not abiding by the mercy rule, but the field just isn't the same anymore.

I agree with you. I had a situtaion that involed an experinced player and me. I happened to try and be like several people there that wipe hits. The guy that shot me got mad. We played a few more games without any problems. Than when it came time to play airball I got yelled at by him. He keep saying I was out and I wasnt. Then the next game I was playing the aztec. He was at the start of the snake. I was battling with him and another player. He than ran through and overshot me. After he shot me he started yelling at me. The ref that was watching the games is the owners daughter. She didnt do a thing about it. I packed up my gear and said I'm never coming back. A month later, I went back to play. Whenever i would call for a paint check, The guy who overshot me was reffing that day, kept checking me and calling me out. One time in a castle game I called for a paint check. One of the better refs came and said i was clean. Then the guy the overshot me came running down and called me out. The call was unfair. Than we did a big game and he shot a bunch of paint at me. None hit me and he was telling me to call myself out. I asked the ref near me and he said i was out. On the way back to the safety zone, I asked a teammate if i had paint anywhere on me and he said no. I called my dad and said Im done with Apocalypse. They keep cheap calling me. We told the owner and he did nothing about it. Well a week later I apolizged to him and he said ok. They players have no respect for kids anymore. He was once a young kid and he is driving kids away from this feild and sport. They need to tell this player if he is going to be a jerk and take his anger out on people than he isnt allowed to come play at the feild. He did the same thing to my dad over the summer.

This is mainly aimed at invertmini, I am one of the refs up there at Apocalypse and yes we, like any other field, have had people get overshot, shot point blank, and injured. However, you and your dad have a reputation up there. There is a reason that some of the more seasoned players up there take liberties when it comes to you and your dad. You have proven over and over to be someone that does not respect the sport. I have watched you both overshoot open play beginners and then laugh at it when they walk off the field limping or hurting, but on the same game either one of you take more than two extra shots and you either open up on them or come yelling to one of us refs about being overshot. Trust me the owners of the field want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable experience up there, but it people like you that think that the field should cater to your every desire and turn a blind eye to your behavior just because you frequent the field. As a consumer/customer you have an option of not going to the field if you feel it's being run poorly or you are being targeted. I have reffed many fields and in NE Indiana there is no other field that I would rather go to. So maybe the problem isn't the field but it's you. In closing remember this; the players that respect the game will do what we have to, to those that don't. See ya up there.

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18 March 2011 - 10:06 PM

I do as well as ref up there.

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16 March 2011 - 09:27 PM

This is gone locally, thanks for all the offers.

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15 March 2011 - 07:01 PM

Bump for the day.