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In Topic: Speedball Fields near Charleston?

27 March 2012 - 07:55 PM

I play at PBC and I love the field. I think there is a pretty even mix of competition. If you come out for rec ball you are likely to find about 50% are walk on rentals, 35% have their own gear seasoned players, then the last 15% or so are a skilled mix. You'll find everything from stock players, Tippmanns, to Egos and high-end markers. I'm no pro by any stretch, so I find plenty of competition there.
I think the Ball Busters field in Columbia and Adventure Beach Paintball in the N. Myrtle beach area has regular speedball. I know that PBC does do it sometimes, but I'm not sure what that arrangement is right now. I just started to go back there recently... If you want to get a good look at the field, I'd try searching YouTube, there are tons of good videos.

Here is a channel with some good ones:

Youtube Channel

In Topic: Ok new-new setup

18 March 2012 - 11:24 PM

Invert Toos are basically the end all budget hopper,

And OP, stay FAR away from upgrades. Especially barrel upgrades.

I'm going to second this. I've been using the invert Too and it's pretty good for the money. Pros: Never didn't feed a ball, no jams, worked out the of the box, decent on batteries. Cons: The shell tends to be a little brittle. The part where the door connects broke and there is a little chipping around the screws on the bottom where the plastic is thin.. Got a speed feed though and it's been great!

So, pretty much agree with staying away from upgrades as well. The stock barrels on most guns these days are JUST AS GOOD as something you'll pay 150 for. My view is the best "upgrades" are things that make you faster or make something more convenient or comfortable. For example, good cleats and a nice pair of pants are going to do more for you than a new bolt or board. Once you get a gun that shoots straight, and is reliable (you go that) and you have everything you need to be effective (like a good mask, loader, and pads) don't buy anything else. I fell into the trap of buying all of this crap, then I realized that I didn't have some of the essentials and bought a marker that didn't suit my play style. Anyway, I"m rambling now... Good luck.

In Topic: Ninja 48/3000 Fill nipple help

12 March 2012 - 09:22 PM

awesome. This is why I love techpb. Had the same exact problem today. Is this something that will break-in over time? My old tank didn't do this.... I'm not worried about keeping the 300PSI, I don't want to lose my fill nipple cover.


12 March 2012 - 08:45 AM

Not sure if this works, but I've seen it suggested to put something conical through the bottom to push the fingers upward, and let it sit. Something like a mustard bottle or maybe a small road cone... (trying to keep a straight face here) Leave it "reversed" for a while and see if it trains the fingers back the other way.. Worth a shot I guess. What a design flaw, dye...

Ditto on the exalt feed. I'm using that now and it pretty solid.

In Topic: Best Asa

11 March 2012 - 10:54 PM

hrmm, that Bob Long ASA looks nice, especially since the line comes out of the front. If you got the cash, i'd go with that. If you want something inexpensive, you should consider the Azodin one. It's just a solid on/off ASA, but just comes in black. It's a little cheaper than the CP, but doesn't look as pretty (and isn't CP)