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under $500 full setup

07 March 2009 - 12:29 AM

I have been Paintballing for the past 2 years with a Autococker trilogy sport.
I have been looking to upgrade all my equipment this summer.
I have around 500 to spend on a mask, gun, loader, tank, and pants.
I mostly play woods and scenario does any body have good ideas for combinations of all of these that work together really well.
I plan to be paintballing every other weekend so i really am stepping it up. i used to play about 4 times a summer.
Guns i have been looking at are Empire Invert Mini, Dangerous Power G3, and Tippmann A-5.
Masks V-force profiler and provantage.
I have no idea about tanks or hoppers or pants.
I dont need the best right now i plan on upgrading in the future but something that is dependable and works great.
I play medium and light riflemen.
Any suggestions would help great