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tight bore, how much force is needed to load?

26 January 2010 - 08:22 AM

Now when Lurker is out with a 0.678 id barrel its new and hot and of course i would like to test it.
But there is a big BUT in it, for a pumpplayer i dont see any problems, just show it in harder and shoot.

Here is the big BUT :unsure:

Im using a crome wich works like a g3, geo, ion and a few more that cycle and shoot with the same pressure.
i might be wrong but i feel like my crome shooting and cycling at 90-100psi 280-290fps with overboring and down at 75psi for reball, might have problems loading paint in a tight bore depending on paintsize, with no lpr to raise cycling pressure with if needed?

Bolt pressure with my crome against my finger feels like my tac one with red spring and 280 fps in the beginning of its stroke, not a very scientific way to measure pressure :) my dm3 and tac one is perfect to stick my finger in and feel the boltbounce, and i wont do it on a mini or a slg again!!
And my dm3 is perfect to tune in closely in lpr pressure before i go to a chrono when overboring, underboring throws this method off.

i have tried to underbore with my dm3, this one needed higher cyclingpressure to be consistent and the nice squishy feel a well tuned dm3 has was long gone.

tighter id will raise fps and that would mean lower pressure, if my crome wont load paint properly i would need to raise input and it would be hard to be under 300fps. just thinking out loud :huh:

There have to be a way to measure how much boltpressure it would need to load paint say 683 paint in 678 barrel, but it would probably be way to many things to consider, lubes, oringfriction different operation, if the bolt loads in the barrel or stops just before the beginning bla bla and blah.

Maybe punkcrew could measure the difference with a pump with a tight bore and a not so tight rollout bore? but that maybe is impossible to translate in to cycling pressure psi?

I really dont feel like buying a barrel with shipping and customs hassle and find out it wont work on my main marker, but that would probably be my only option to see if it works :P

someone have any input on this?


01 September 2009 - 04:17 PM

The SST has been out for a while but i dont see that many bragging about it :blink: so anyone here using it and can tell anything good or bad?

Now im using, 2liter + on my crome , sidewinder and scm on dm3 and aka lpr on my pneu tac one.

I really like AKA regs and just need a good reason to get a new one :rolleyes:

Recball/biggame in Sweden

18 August 2009 - 04:02 AM

Not as big like you have in the states, but i think this field is one of the coolest.
Not a real paintballfield but a search and rescue site/firedrill kind of place.

150 players covered this field in paint in 2 days.