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In Topic: Woodsball for <$150 or less

26 February 2012 - 12:22 AM

No tadao boards on cheap guns, or on anything on a budget!!! Any board can do Semi-Auto decent, you do not need ramping for woods!

Option 1 getting your own gun:
You can get an Azodin Kaos for $89 new, or find it used for $50-70 on the forums.
You buy a used Halo2 for $30-35 and a $40 HPA steel tank.
With a $30 mask the total is going to be ~$150-170

First upgrade beyond that would be getting a more protection gear, and possibly replacing the mask with a Dual-Pane one.

Option 2 getting a good mask and "rental upgrades":
You find out if your field uses 98 customs, and then buy:
- $40-50 mask with Dual Pane Lens
- 98 custom threaded barrel
- $40 HPA steel tank
- $30 used Halo2 hopper (and anything required to mount it)
This will leave you about $40 to pay for the 98 custom rental in the next few games (since you bring your own mask and protection gear).
You rent, but screw on the upgrades to make it a decent setup.

A 98 custom can be found for $50, but will likely require you putting some work into it, and possibly replacing a part.

Once you get more money - you get better protection gear, and then with extra budget you'll have a choice;
- upgrade to Carbon HPA ($150 - selling the steel tank for $20+shipping = $120 upgrade cost). This upgrade is required before buying anything inefficient.
- upgrade the Gun based on how much you save up. I would wait until you have $250-300, because that seems to be the price point to which most good used tournament grade guns drop.

In Topic: Gun advice?

24 February 2012 - 01:34 AM

Efficiency is important.... It'd be nice to have a smooth shot but its not that important to me... I was looking at the reflex rail and really liked it. Would it be a better pick over the etek?

Vice / Protege with ups is a good option - very efficient, decent shot with the right barrel (felt good with Warped Sportz Lucky 15 0.689 and matching paint).

Upgrades I would get
- the carry grip / adjustable ram cap (few people get these, but this is key to adjust bolt position when using a custom one).
- Juit Bolt - contact Juit on PBNation, or hunt these down. It's a venturi bolt (which is not that important) that has a cup-face (which works much better then the pillow bolt design).

G6R - I saw one go for $550 used on MCarterbrown...!!! you might be able to get one at the upper limit of your budget. No upgrades necessary. Amazing gun.

In Topic: First Strike Rounds around NYC?

23 February 2012 - 07:00 PM

Any field with BYOP is most likely allowing you to use First Strike rounds.

Paintball Sports Inc. (BYOP and First Strike rounds are allowed).

On Target Paintball (BYOP, call to confirm about First Strike)

BattleCreek (call and ask the new owners, this field was BYOP under previous management - formerly Newbreed).

In Topic: New york city / Longisland paintball

23 February 2012 - 06:52 PM

I didn't notice you said "speedball" before sending you my PM.

I'm looking for players to play woods/recball with - most likely PSI and BattleCreek (formerly Newbreed).
This would be a good group to join up if you like to try the woods experience, and don't mind playing Hopperball / Limited-Paint (not a constant rule, but a frequent preference of most people at the moment).

The best indoors field close to NYC is GroundAssault - more fun to play their bunkers then the smaller airball field in NYPaintball.

Check out the PSI field review in the signature.

In Topic: Paintball Sports Inc. (Plattekill, NY) formerly known as "Survival NY"

23 February 2012 - 06:20 PM

I want to get a group going to play PSI once a month, on Sundays.

If you want to join such events please leave me a message (cell # would help coordination, but not necessary if you check your PM often enough).

Standard is very simple - play hard on the field, but keep things friendly. No tolerance for wiping.

The current list allows for about 8 people to show up reliably, but it has to double for good action on those fields.

This list is open to anyone that can show up - individuals or teams.
There may be people who would want to drive up to the place, but have no one to go with.
There may be people who can't get there on their own. This list can help both.

Message your location, (optional) cell phone, and next closest dates you can play.

(Sunday isn't set in stone, just seems the most common preference at the moment).

Having a group show up reliably should allow negotiating a lower group rate.