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In Topic: Why is paintball stuff so expensive?

10 March 2011 - 01:40 PM

Not only is profit a factor, but a lot of distributors make it so you have to mark it up a certain level. Most stores try to keep the prices low but they do have a minimum markup they have to give the product. So they know you can make a profit and pay them. Everyone has to make the green if they want to make the scene.

In Topic: Tips for a 1v1 Tourny?

17 June 2010 - 07:46 PM

As its been said KNOW WHERE HE IS. Once you loose him, you loose.
Ghost, Ghost, Ghost! I dunno how popular a term that is. But snap him in, and move up. Shoot his bunker a few times too send him in, then sprint too another bunker while Popping his bunker. Try too keep the angles consistent so he doesn't know you're moving. Take you're time. It would also help too know the field. Make it YOU'RE house.
Own that house :P

In Topic: Physical Violence on the field.

17 June 2010 - 07:36 PM

so wait, he punched you ONLY because you shot him in the mask???

I need more details...

He yelled at me on the field after it, and I kinda blew him off because I couldn't hear him (we were on opposite sides) and wasnt sure if he was yelling at me or not. So that probably irritated him further. And when he first came up too me while I was eating too be honest I was a bit irritated when He started yelling, and I told him to just leave me alone, and stop picking on newer players. But with more choice language than that. So I guess I'm to blame for that. I'm assuming it just sort of built up.
But personally physical violence for what happened was taking it a bit far.

If I was using my Vice and sliding into a bunker and you gogged me with a pump I'd give you credit for a wicked shot. Ignore that fuck tard, his bitch ass ego (not the gun) was bruised, he wanted to be a rockstar with his PE gear playing with renters and ended up looking like a fool. I hope the guy has been banned from the field permanently.

Wicked Shot? Try luckiest shot of my paintball career :P

In Topic: Physical Violence on the field.

15 June 2010 - 09:44 PM

Freakshow! Posted Image whats up! thats bullshit. you should have knocked him on his ass. and yes, some people still play with cockers Posted Image ( even if i am 16)

Yo! Haha and its good to see that even our youth havn't forgotten our roots :P

Well you actually did the right thing by stepping back and not play his little game

and for this phantom shot, pics or shens Posted Image

I wish i did get pics of it! But too be honest..he probably wouldn't of been cool with a pic of it.