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08 April 2009 - 02:42 PM

Hey, on my electra i need to get it shooting 280, to do this i turn up my reg, but to get it so it shoots fast enough i have to turn it way up, causing me to blow o-rings, what do i need to do? what am i doing wrong

*O-ring in my inline reg that is

I'm not positive, because I have zero experience with Electras, but I'm pretty sure you turn a little knob or screw on the back of the gun clockwise. This compresses the spring that pushes the hammer into the valve. Because the hammer hits the valve harder, the valve stays open longer, more air is released through the bolt, and the paintball travels faster down the barrel. Most Spyders are like this, but I am not sure if the Electra is.

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This is recballer on my friends account, When i do that, if i turn it really far in, it will stop shooting... so i can't turn it up enough there...