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Help a guy who wants to get into PB

10 March 2009 - 04:07 PM

Apoligies i have posted in the wrong section delete if you wish =)

Im a woodsball fanatic always front running cos i can sprint like flash gordon and slide into cover a question i have if anyone can answer it honestly.. right now my works low so im not raking it in like i used to. i play paintball recreationally but often is it even worth me buying my own gear when all sites in the uk provide their own anyway? id love to get a marker thats my own and more "as a self satisfying thing" would like my own camos and goggs but obv the guns not one whole unit but 1/3rd which all added up gets fairly harshly expensive so anyone know a cheapish but effective setup (marker hopper co2 tank) open to all kinds of price ranges but the cheapest possible like little undiscovered gems i dont wanna go to a site with my own gear thinking im the dogs bollocks and have marshalls go "wow you really paid for that? that gun cant shoot for crap"

Thanks for taking the time to read =)