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Timmy needs stuff

15 November 2009 - 01:32 PM

Hey just seeing if it would be smart to fix this gun or buy a new one.
1. New bold- the top of bolt tip in front of the 1st oring is chipped off.
2. New left clamshell- the window came off of the grip but i still have it i believe, can I fix it?
3. Trigger missing the berrings.
4. 360 reg cause I can get the torpedo to line up behind the trigger guard and its scratched up.

5. Screw kit missing some screws
6. Detents


1.has all jewles intact.
2. cp clamping feedneck and asa
1.Wear around ram cap
2. minor scratches
major scratches on torpedo

If you have any ideas of where I can get the following parts please send me a pm or if you have any extra send a pm.

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WTT or WTB 360 reg

15 November 2009 - 01:57 AM

I can trade a pair of bnib of 2xl nxe knee pads or cp .693 1 piece classic