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In Topic: Darq 7 leakage at the noid

16 May 2012 - 12:28 PM

Where are you hearing the leak from? Does it come out the front of the bolt as soon as you gas it up? how severe is the leak (how loud)? If you changed the external engine o-rings, did you lube the channels before you put the o-rings in? You need to use a lot of Dow 55 on those o-rings to get them to seal properly.

sorry forgot to write that
the leak is on the noid, the air comes from the hole directly by the manifold towards the LPR
its not that loud

In Topic: Radio Show Giveaway!!!

15 June 2009 - 09:02 PM

The name means "Pursuit Marketing Inc., version 3". Before '92, all Sheridan products were distributed by PMI.

For the most part, the PMI3 is identical to the VM-68 except for some small internal differences that should be noted.

- First generation PMI-3s were NOT ambidextrous (the cocking knob could NOT be reversed).
- Plus, many early PMI-3s had a separate safety and cocking knob.
- Some PMI-3s had bolts which could be installed upside down.
- Most PMI-3s had the 'old' style cupseal. This cupseal was of weaker construction and was not friendly to liquid CO2. All 'old' cupseals can be upgraded to the 'new' kind, but the valve might have to be slightly modified.
- None of the PMI-3s had ambidextrous feed blocks (as well as some VM68s).
- The 'body' of a PMI-3 is identical to a VM-68, and thus can accept any aftermarket mod.