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In Topic: building trilogy pump

26 November 2009 - 10:36 AM

make sure the pump kit will fit the trilogy btw

got that ty

In Topic: building trilogy pump

26 November 2009 - 03:45 AM

ok so i have a trilogy, got it used super cheap, and i want to make it into a pump gun. can i pump a single trigger slider frame on it? will i have to get a different pump kit if i do? what pump kit should i buy?(i was looking at either pmp or i saw one on pbgateway for 20 bucks) other than that i know which barrel, asa and reg i will get, but need help on those three things.

If you get a different frame you won't need a different pump kit. pmp is fine. dont really worry about spending a ton of money on it. if you like pump, sell it and buy a "real" autococker and put your money into that.

thank you, this really helps me out a lot.

In Topic: .43 cal electro-pneumatic marker

13 September 2009 - 02:57 AM

do you have an idea for something along these lines in .68 cal? id like to hear what you can come up with to solve my issue with spring mag pistols.

In Topic: SLG and SLG UL?

26 August 2009 - 09:06 AM

the point is that the ul has more opprotunity for upgrades than the slg. you can't laser or anno the slg, but you can on the ul because it has an aluminum body. yes you could get a new trigger and asa for 100, but the board upgrades are awesome as well. now i don't have to go buy a virtue board to compensate for the crap board on the slg.

In Topic: local field tour (just an idea)

03 August 2009 - 02:14 AM

thanks for the input, glad to know someone else had proferred the idea, and that some discussion was made on it. i was hoping more along the lines of having the senior techpb members go to the rural (maybe local was the wrong word) fields other than just florida. i live in washington, so not a lot of big fields over here, the closest is 40 miles, and the biggest is probably three hours or more. maybe have one or two people go to each state for a week, and play at some of the fields.

-sidebar- possible aquisition of funds for said adventures. -maybe techpb supporters from each state visited (that would benefit from the people comming) could pool the money for the flight, lodging, food, gas/rental, paint, etc. required for the people who would be helping out the fields in that state.

it could also be done regionally, rather than by state.

i would love to go to florida to play with all the techpb staff at the fields there, or go to a big event, or scenario game or something, but many of us can't afford it.