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wgp cage on/off asa

15 January 2010 - 07:09 PM

i bought this asa because i was tired of messing with the rail. but when i get it out of the box and try to put it on the gun, the screws are too short. what screw do i need and should i mount it through the holes in the rail or just directly on the gun (there would be a gap where the inset for the rail is. help please.

building trilogy pump

26 November 2009 - 02:56 AM

ok so i have a trilogy, got it used super cheap, and i want to make it into a pump gun. can i pump a single trigger slider frame on it? will i have to get a different pump kit if i do? what pump kit should i buy?(i was looking at either pmp or i saw one on pbgateway for 20 bucks) other than that i know which barrel, asa and reg i will get, but need help on those three things.

dxs 48/4500 tank reg leak

27 October 2009 - 09:22 PM

just got a 48/4500 stubby tank, and i noticed that it doesn't hold pressure that well. i would get it filled before i left the field, then it would be close to empty in one or two days. i listened to it and it sounds to be coming from the pin on the top of the reg. any thoughts?

.43 cal electro-pneumatic marker

12 September 2009 - 01:51 PM

the last time i went to play paintball, i was shooting my slg as usual, and a guy said i could use his tippmann tpx as well, because the battery on my loader was dying and we had only two games left. so i strap the holster to my leg, load up two magazines, but a 12 g. in the gun and a spare in the holster, and we start the game. as expected, my loader dies, and i am forced to pull the pistol. this is where my dislike of it began. first shot was fine, but when i tried to unload the magazine at a guy, i found the third ball had broken in the mag, and then it just shot splatters. since then ive been thinking about how to make a side arm that could shoot fast, accurate, but still be light and small enough to put into a holster and carry with you. i eventually came to the conclusion that an electro-pneumatic marker -most likely a spool valve, simply for the single tube design- would work best, but would have to be in .43 cal., to reduce the weight. then i thought of air source, because a marker that shoots that fast can't use 12 g.'s, so a reverse asa would work with the 13 ci 3000psi tank, and you couldn't fit a normal hopper on top, nor a magazine, because of the problem of chopping with you shoot 10+ bps. so i thought of a modified qloader type feed mechanism. if qloader could be made with smaller diameter and shorter length, and made to feed .43 cal paintballs, it could be sufficient to feed such a side arm. with the spool valve design, single trigger, board, reverse asa, and smaller qloader type loader, this marker could be small and light enough to fit into a holster, and hold enough paint to help you survive the rest of the game when your main gun goes down.

this is just an idea i would like to see come about in the next one to five years for paintball. please help me out by giving and suggestions, problems, questions or comments you have. if you think this idea is stupid, or think that other pistols work just fine, tell me, ill be happy to talk with you and discuss your opinions.


23 August 2009 - 01:46 PM

i want to get into pump, a good one, not the kp. i was thinking phantom, but i want open class. i can't find any cheap cockers to convert. and to buy the body, frame, reg, asa, barrel, bolt, hammer, valve, back block, pump kit, is just too damn expensive. any one know where i can find a pump cocker? (250-350 plz)