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22 June 2010 - 01:13 AM

the whole reason of using a crossbow is to stealthily eliminate targets and there have been specops operators who have used crossbows in combat. And yes I know dragons breath is used in shotguns, thats what I said. And Im not talking about taping a pound of c4 onto an arrow, Im saying a small, shaped charge (like I said) rambo has the perfect example when he blows up an officer with an exploding bolt. These are all very plausible and even exist in real life.

In Topic: Call of duty black ops

21 June 2010 - 03:57 PM

Im pretty sure crossbows are real, and small, shaped charges activated by pressure are real. So... put a charge on the tip of a bolt and fire it with a crossbow. BOOM.
Also, incineration shells for a shotgun are also real. They are nicknamed "Dragon's Breath" and it is a shell packed with magnesium that catches fire and showers your target with white-hot magnesium and flames.

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20 June 2010 - 08:08 PM

im goin germies

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18 June 2010 - 10:49 PM

True, but the COD franchise has for the most part, stayed within weapons of that era. They pride themselves on the "realism"

Um, not so much.


The one thing that the COD series has prided themselves in since 01, is their historical actuary and protral of realsim, not to say that the game is realistic, but that's what the series prided themselves on.

Here are two paragraphs:

Except, of course, when the developers feel the need to cheat. All of the guns in RSV2 start out extremely accurate, based on factory stats and more, before game balance and player expectations come into play. A shotgun firing buckshot, for example, has significantly more penetration in RSV2 than it should. Why? "People associate shotguns with powerful, close-range weapons," Theiren says. So a shotgun blast will punch through walls and armor just fine, even though buckshot is known for its lack of penetration in the real world.

"I take these weapons, and look at what defines them, or what people think defines them," Theiren explains. "For an Uzi, people think it fires lots of bullets, and it's really inaccurate." That, he knows, has nothing to do with reality--if anything, Uzis are considered some of the most reliable and accurate submachine guns around. But the 80s (and Miami Vice in particular) offered us the Uzi as a low-life villain's weapon, spit-fire and out-of-control. "So I make it fire faster than it should. It's about taking the personality of a weapon, and making it shine in the game," Theiren says.

First paragraph, this isn't RSV2 we're talking about here, what your talking about is game balance, would you rather have your shotgun not be able to kill anything. A shotgun firing buckshot doens't have much stopping power at all, but a shotgun firing a slug, can and WILL take your off your feet. Breaching round can penetrate locks
True, this isnt RSV2 but it is still the same genre of game and is supposed to be realistic. A load of buckshot doesnt have stopping power or penetration? Thats news to me. May I direct you to the website http://www.theboxotruth.com/ they do loads of ammo and gun tests including buckshot penetration. And yes, breaching rounds do penetrate locks, why is that relevant?
Paragraph 2.

Considering that the COD series has no form of weapon degradation, Uzi's accuracy relies on the shooters ability to handle a weapon firing at the fully automatic speeds of the UZI, which is one of the fastest sub-machine guns ever made. The reason you'll see the UZI as a "villains" weapon is for quite a few reasons, it's small, it fires fast, and it's cheap.
This article is focusing on how the developers are not true to weapons in the game, not about player skill. A real uzi is very accurate and is a great weapon seeing as its been in the Israeli military for decades.
Accuracy, 25% firearm, 75% shooter.
Not when the firearm is a POS
I can take a little .22 rifle and hit something at 125yards, can you?
Cool story bro, I can stick my weiner in a wall socket, can you? :dodgy:

Shotguns have a mired of ammunition types for various scenarios.
Yep, and why are you stating this?
So before you quote a article that has shody compraisions of RL firearms compared to video game weapons, you may want to figure out what I'm actually talking about when I say COD prides themselves in "realism".
How can you say the weapons are realistic if some weapons use the same ammunition but have different damage stats? Also, how can you say that they are realistic even when you stated yourself that they dont degrade so accuracy is not realistic?
The series has been true to era weapons, tactics, vehicles, locations, and sound. Not to game play.
BTW, the UZI was made by Israil, so I'm not surprised to see the firearm in the hands of many terriost organizations, especially since they now use the Tavor-21, or TAR21 as their standard infantry weapon.
Are you saying that Israel is selling uzis to terrorists? Terrorists that persecute Jews (AKA Israelis) and have had three wars with Israel? I hope not because you have a lot of shit straight wrong. Also, when have you seen an uzi in a terrorists hands? No, the second level of COD4 doesnt count... And what does the Tavor have anything to do with this conversation or are you just stating random facts and weapon names to make it sound like you know what youre talking about. I also dont even think the Israeli army as a whole has even been rearmed with tavors due to the great cost of manufacturing them.
Before quoting a internet article, you have to realize that they weapon behave in game for BALANCING purposes.
Yes, balancing is a main reason for most of this but some shit in that game makes NO sense. Hop off of wikipedia and stop spewing incorrect facts.

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18 June 2010 - 04:00 PM

bad, bad, bad...