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mini doesn't like virtue laser eyes

23 January 2011 - 04:07 PM

I got a nice set of blue virtue laser eyes for my mini cause they looked cool i don't know if there going to do anything for the gun but there's the truth of it. on to the problem. The eyes work fine outside of the gun. so if i just take the eye board and plug in the for-grip with the board into it the laser lights up and t registers when i put my finger through the beam. now when i put it into the housing of the gun it stops working the laser does a quick flash and then stays off. i thought it might be due to a poor connection between the board and the eyes seeing how the eyes connector seems to be a little crooked but when i put turn on the eyes and put them into the gun they stay on and work just fine. but when i turn them off the problem starts again. so i'm at a lose here. my mini is a later model seeing it came in a box and not a nice case. but besides that i don't have any other info on the matter.

X7 response trigger broke

23 January 2011 - 03:24 PM

not to sure if this is the right place for this but my x7 repose trigger is broken the brass screw on the back of the gun has snapped off with its threads stuck inside the internal piece of the handle so my questions would be is there a place were i can buy replacement parts instead of buying a whole other kit.

phantom won't shoot 250 FPS

26 December 2010 - 08:52 PM

I purchased a cci phantom from a local store a little while ago, after buying the gun i went across the street to the field to try it out, unfortunately the gun wouldn't chrono below 320 FPS some have suggested cutting the spring but i was too scared i'd mess something up. so today i thought i'd try to work the velocity again this time with my own chrono I'm using a stock phantom with the vertical air kit, It has the old hard steel lines not the macros. I'm using the A-balls right now just so i don't make amess and i've screwed my 68ci 4500 tank directly into the bottom. The shoots aren't consistent my first shot got me about 269, my second got me 340, my third got me 180. and so on for about 10 shots i tried dry firing a few times and then retried with the chrono, with the same results. any idea's the gun itself hasn't been used in probably 9 months. and it's only had 4 real paintballs put through it.

G3 wont register trigger pull

26 December 2010 - 06:47 PM

like the title says my dangerous power G3 won't register when i pull the trigger, i had this problem in the past due to the trigger not being pulled enough, i fixed this by loosening the trigger screw. This time i had to crank the trigger to get a shot out then it started ramping for some reaosn and now nothing. not to sure what the proble could be or were to start, my manual is gone missing so i'll try to locate one online any help would be great.