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Your future dream is a shopping scheme

01 February 2010 - 09:15 AM

from the electronic revolution, to kee, and the dying of a lot of labels under kee like evil, piranha, to the meltdown of autococker, once a well respected, highly sought gun, to ICD's (tears) withdrawal and now smart parts no longer in production what do you for see of this industry. I want to hear your thoughts on current events in paintball, perceptions about the industry,reasons for why, and we can reflect on the history of the industry.

Promaster Vs. Invert Mini

16 July 2009 - 05:16 PM

Hey so I currently own both an invert mini and a Promaster. I have to sell one.
My promaster has a vapor works chip which I can flash on my own with my computer due to it having an interface with a printer cable thing, It also has the tap the button adjustments to change things on the fly. It has a locking feedneck, CP trigger, detonator reg which I found was is1 consistent and I know if I sell my promaster I probably wont get back what I invested in it. It shoots phenomenally. I bought the board b/c I think you can hook up angels to your cpu? well I thought this was awesome to have on a gun, and it is awesome! Basically it has everything you could want out of a traditional poppet valve gun, with features similar to all the other poppets on the market (nothing like a cure3 bolt egos have or anything.) so I like it.

My Mini is bone stock, with all level 2 parts accept the poppet which has a barely noticeable leak (inaudible, noticeable upon palpation of the bolt face) which doesn't bother me but may bother another buyer. I love the board on it 1.2 optimus, as much as my promasters despite not having practice modes or any of that extra crap. I like the trigger better than the promaster, personal preference. I also like I don't have to take apart one side of the grip (500 screws) to change a battery. Just 1 screw. I like it has 2 wires in the wireharness! not 20! I like it is easy to take apart and clean! however it does need cleaned more than the bushy. I like that it is innovative, the company still exists, and I like how it feels/looks vs the bushmaster. Really I love both guns but it's not practical to have both, so what do you guys think? what are your opinions?

p.s. I was an ICD fan since owning a b2k in 2003 so fanboy makes it difficult too.

Invert Mini Deal or No Deal?

05 July 2009 - 09:15 PM

Don't wanna push you to the invert side of the fence but here are some pros. its small (neat) Has a decent board with good programability, clamping feed neck, integrated asa without hoses or macros (though honestly i've never had to replace one, those hoses last forever anyway, but its cool to not have one too, I like it.) integrated asa is a feature only found on the mini, luxe, and upcoming impulse. It's a poppit, easy to maintain, light, does everything you need it to, some people like the no micro switch approach and magnetic return, has reasonable trigger geometry. Mine works great and its a gen2. Looks nice, sexy. Fun to tote around. If you like it you like it, if you don't you don't. I like how easy it is to clean/take apart, but a spooly like the slg probably won't be any different. I also like the integrated asa alot personally. Really nice grips. ramble ramble, thats it. its a nice little gun, does the job, sort of neat/inovative, a lot of features found on higher end guns. Competative. Do what you want, try them all out first.

Manufacturer Subcategories

05 July 2009 - 08:56 PM

oh thanks lets erase this then...