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In Topic: where does tampa bay train?

07 October 2009 - 03:37 PM

I will try to answer these questions the best I can for you. I am just friends with quite a few of the players but I am more a fan of them. Great group of guys!

1. Well Damage normally practices at CFP (Central Florida Paintball) They also do drills at PSI, but those are closed and you can not watch those I believe.

2. They do drills one day a week as mentioned above. Yes they practice both Sat and Sun.

3. They are normally at the field by like 8:30 to start by 9:00 am. And they play til they have no more paint or the Coach says to stop.

4. This I am not sure on. I think they will take a week off maybe but they are doing the NPPL event in Vegas so I think they may travel to practice against some other teams for that. They have been having the teams flying here the past few weekends so i think after Cup they will do the traveling.

Well I hope this helps you and I hope you get to see them. If not watch them on the webcast of World Cup.

well i will be playing the 2man 10 ball competition at The CFP on saturday the 24th of october ,I hope I can see them im a fan too.