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Energy Drinks

11 June 2009 - 08:23 PM

Just kinda interested in some players choices.
Whats your favourite kind of energy drink to have while playing?
Personally, mine is a 5 hour energy to start of the day and if i need a boost after 3-4 hours of play I'll take an Amp'd or Bawlz.
I know they can be bad for your health, but you only live once!

Is this part any good?

03 June 2009 - 06:06 PM

So I was browsing ans gear and I came across a desperatly needed back cap for my pmr. It's half the price of any aluminum back cap I've seen but I'm a bit hesitant because I can't find a review for it. It's a Warrior product, but I haven't heard of them before. So has any one used this before/have a friend thats used it/ knows a good review for it?


Need Some Ups

31 May 2009 - 10:27 PM

Ok so about 2 hours ago I bought a 2008 Ultralite Proto Matrix Rail for $200. It already has a new clamping feedneck and a hybrid asa + blunt hybrid rail (tell me if thats good or not and if i should up to a cp on off). Ive been looking at the ups but I don't really have a whole lot of cash handy. So tell me what ups are absoloutly necessary.

I've been looking at a new back cap and new laser eyes, anything else?

PMR 08

25 May 2009 - 08:31 PM

Ok I've got $150 saved up plus im about to run into another $100. I desperatly need a new gun to replace my spyder vs1. I was originally leaning toward a G3 or a dm6 but then I discovered the PMR. I found a few auctions on ebay and I've pretty much made up my mind on getting one of them. My question is some of these auctions have a lot of different prices, and if I were to start bidding what would be the highest I should go on a used Proto Matrix Rail? I've seen ones go as high as $200 and as low as $60. So please help me on how high I should bid.

p.s. sorry if this isn't in the right section, this just seems to be a general section for these questions. :)

TC Stamp on HPA Tank

29 March 2009 - 02:12 PM

This might belong on the newbie forum, bit i dont care
So I want to get a Carbon Fiber tank, but some are really expensive
but my biggest problem is I play in Canada, and all air tanks need a TC Stamp to be refilled
I found one on zephyr(only online company i use), its $110 and says it has a TC Stamp
It's also 68 ci, pmi pure enegy, so would it be o.k. to use with a g3?