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In Topic: tippman98 custom upgrade sugg.

19 June 2009 - 11:40 AM

#1: Double Trigger mod (cheapy, sells for around $25 on the net)
#2: hopper, anything above a HALO, if you prefer you can get a cyclone feed if you aren't planning on purchasing a new marker overall,
#3: Barrel, Flatline or Otherwise, I Personally like the Opsgear barrels if you find them for a good price,
#4: HPA if you are still running on Co2
These are the main upgrades that will make your tippmann last you alot longer as a beginning marker,

These below are if you are not planning to buy another marker, or want to stick some serious cash into it.

#4: E-grip or Response kit
#5: Stocks or Milsim kits (including scopes ect.)
#6: Remote line direct hookup
#7: spring/bolt/hammer kits
#8: If you have selected the E-grip I believe there is a Virtue board, but its costly.
#9: Custom milling/marker redesign, I've seen some VERY Radical tippmann mods out there created in garages, found alot of pics of them Here at the "Tippmann Challenge"

In Topic: Please Help On My SLG 09

09 May 2009 - 01:47 AM

yeah, I'd lube it first off, and make sure that all your o-rings are clean,

The reason why Its leaking all your air is that (if I am correct) the air is trying to push the bolt back to complete the cycle-if the problem persists call Proto, I've heard of a similar defect/issue that you are having.

In Topic: 08 SLG eyes on capped ROF

07 May 2009 - 06:49 PM

The problem with the technical cap for it is how fast the paint is feeding into your marker with the eyes on (Idea being no erratic cycling that just turns your marker into an overly sophisticated blender), it goes to "uncapped semi" when the eyes are off because you turned off the sensor meaning that even if there isn't a ball it'll keep cycling,

check your loader, that and 10 BPS is around what most people can walk consistently,

In Topic: Alias problems.

06 May 2009 - 07:03 PM

might just need to replace the eye(s) with the pinched portion, should only run you about $20 and it'll be shootin' like a dream,

as for the button, in this case you can contact Bob Long or Tadao or a local shop for the button(s).

In Topic: Reloader B VS Halo B

05 May 2009 - 01:45 PM

I prefer my Halo B over the Reloader B's, I've tried the Reloader B's but the problem is if your running your marker really nice'n quiet sometimes it won't go off when needed, whereas the halo will always go off- The dark paint thing is a semi-myth, it happens sometimes but if your running standard breakbeams that come with the halo you won't have an issue, and how much black shelled paint is there anywho?, the other thing is the magnetic lid- if you lose those magnets, its damned annoying lol

I'd say Halo B w/a V35 for the Overall, But for most of the Intimidator-sh markers go with a Reloader B,

and to explain the extra Halo votes- there is the Halo Clan on here sooo yeah..