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have you ever been a bunker?

03 May 2009 - 04:10 PM

Have you ever been used by a smaller/shorter player as a bunker? I'm 6'1 and I had a couple of kids that were using me for cover in an airball game. The only way I found out they were doing this is when I ducked when someone started laning paint on my bunker, And they both took a total dive and I felt both their barrels hit my shoulders and I turned around, I thought it was pretty goddamn funny.

Might explain why whenever I did get hit it was a good 10-20 hits at the same time haha.

Tippmann TPX!!

21 April 2009 - 03:08 AM

Tippmanns NEW pistol

Ok, It seems to me that theres a battle between the 2 major lower end marker manufacturers has reached the Pistol stage, I sense that this will KILL Kingman's "11MM" pistol through various advantages,

#1 This uses A-5/X-7 threads (I so wanna get one of these just to put a 22 inch barrel on it.....lol)

#2 Uses the standard .68 Caliber paintballs,

#3 Looks a bit bigger/Strongly made.

#4 $219 on Pre-order.

Reminds me somewhat of the old Ariakon Pistols but with a Magazine.

$219 Action Village Pre-order.

$219 ANS

Hydrostatic Testing for Beginners and for Everyone else

15 April 2009 - 12:18 AM

How to and Rules involved:

If you've been playing Paintball for between 3-5 years You probably are going to need your tank Hydro'd at some point, I made this guide to help you guys figure out how to do this nice and easy. :)

How Can I tell that my Tank requires Hydrotesting?:
#1 understanding your markings, this is Luxfers guide on How to read your tanks markings.

#2 Check to see what Year designation your markings require by READING the DoT, or TC Numbers with this List of DoT Exemptions and #'s and Hydrotest requirements

As well many tanks if you find the writing on them (I know my Nitroduck tank has it) will tell you a "Every _ years" on it, as well as the Date with the Arrowhead logo
a tank that is 04^05 with a DoT number of 9634 expires in april of 2008 and requires Hydrostatic testing done.

BTW:If your tank says "3AL" its is an aluminum tank, 9634=the 3 year designation.

Remove your Regulator:

Your goingneed a Vice-grip or something to hold that tank down (A friend probably could but you'd need a REALLY Good grip on the tank), and what you do is take either A:A Strap Wrench or a B:a Crescent Wrench (put cloth over the end of it and then tighten to avoid scratching/indenting on your reg)
and twist it off, its threaded and if its properly put on shouldn't cause any problems after, and you can send your tank in for hydro

or in these 6 steps:
1:Drain tank, Department of transportation requires that no pressurized cylinder be shipped due to the risk factor with Air-mail (freak accidents involving the O2 inside the tanks to cause explosions in baggage compartments because they vacuum seal that part of the plane so no fire can occur)
2:Take wrench,
3:Put tank (With cloth or a tank cover over it) in a Vice Grip attached to a worktable
4:Take Wrench (if Crescent cover the reg with a rag or piece of cloth to protect the reg)
5:Apply pressure twisting the Regulator to the left or Towards you, It'll take a little bit of stregnth to do but It can be done,
6:make sure to put your Regulator in a safe place, (A gun-case or a Gun-bag would do) until you get your tank back from hydro

Take your tank to a trusted business or Ship it through Sport Chalet, or directly to Crossfire:::

For Sport chalet:Make sure you get a receipt from them and your phone # and address are correctly written down, You will pay upon picking your tank up if it passes, if your tank DOES NOT PASS they wiill DISPOSE of it properly for you, and you'll need a new tank, its $35 If I am correct which includes the Visual inspection.

For Crossfire::I'd suggest not shipping this through USPS, here is the form you will need to fill out, it will cost about the same from sport chalet as it is for Crossfire, The advantage with Crossfires hydrotest is that there is an option if I remember for them to Re-attach the regulator and place a proper amount of Loctite for you, here is the form for Crossfire
Crossfire Hydrostatic test Form. which also includes the shipping adress.

There are 3 ways that this is done, only 2 of them are CERTIFIED by Hazmat,which is the authority on any pressurized cylinder because if used improperly/under-maintained they are hazardous materials:

Method #1:The Cylinder or Tank are filled with a nearly incompressible liquid, usually Water or Oil, they place their valve/regulator on the tank and hook it up to a compressor to be placed under and above its operating pressure, with water they will use a Colored dye sometimes to notice leaks, if its oil it floats to the top and look for leaks, and then do a visual inspection before and After this is done in order to look for any type of change in the Cylinders shape/structure of the tank.

Method #2:The Cylinder or Tank are placed in a chamber where there is a pressure Burette set to 0 PSI, and there is water on the inside and High pressure water (or Air sometimes) on the inside of the tank, your tanks or cylinder will pass hydro if the Burette shows no change in pressure the tank passes if the visual inspector sees no change in shape/structure of anything on the tank it is given a full pass.

in both of these threads do play a factor the the TANK Threads, not the Regulator threads.

Method #3:The backyard uncertified test that won't get you a new stamp, but makes you feel a tiny bit better before you send it in for real testing, Take your Garden hose, Fill your tank with water.

Hydrostatic testing is done to prevent accidental tank ruptures from old tanks rather than from you putting a petroleum product inside if your fill nipple.
watch Mikes Video on Exploding Paintball Tanks.

Ok guys, Now that I've stated the pricerange for a hydrotest do NOT ask me about Co2 tanks because it is Physically cheaper for you to BUY A BRAND NEW Co2 TANK than to hydrotest it, it has a 15 year overall shelf-life however (After 15 years, ineligible for hydrostatic testing and deemed an unsafe tank to be disposed of).

When you get your tank back From Hydrostatic Testing:
You will get it back with a new hydro-stamp placed on it or a sticker to place on your tank.

To Reattach your regulator you are going to do these 2 things:
#1. Take your Wrench and tighten the regulator onto the tank as tight as you can, but make sure the threads are already in loosely.
#2. If you are truly Unsure that it is on tight enough take BLUE THREADLOCKER LOCTITE and put a Single drop of it towards the top of your regulator's threads, and let it set.

These simple rules:
1.NEVER USE RED THREADLOCKER LOCTITE ON YOUR TANK, Read the Loctite thread here before you even TOUCH the stuff
3. If your tank is coming in late, Badger them about it, call them and DEMAND a tracking #,
4.If your tank has failed hydro, you can probably buy just the tank without the Regulator if need be, or a entirely new tank, its not the end of the world.
5.learn your DoT/TC #'s and their meanings!

Found These Marker animations

14 April 2009 - 06:48 PM

Marker Animations!!! CLICKYCLICKY

they have animations for most markers on the market from what I see, I like looking into these things because it really does help when troubleshooting a marker to know exactly how it works and moves :)

Any way to make a Mech cocker faster?

11 April 2009 - 07:27 PM

I am wanting to make my friends Trilogy cocker run far faster than the stock capability without putting an E-blade or any other type of electronic frame on it, Any input?