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a team name search?????

11 July 2009 - 07:22 AM

whats ur team name, ill google it for you

lol its ok i did it myself

and the site name is paintballteams.com
that is where you can register your team name so you can kinda claim it first.

and my team name is "Team Decepticons"

Starting a team in the New York City Area

10 May 2009 - 05:55 AM

Ok i know i there have been a few threads here and there about starting up teams in the city. what i noticed was a lot of people willing to try to start a team but not real structure behind it. I am trying to set up a team. This is my FIRST paintball team. so ofcourse i am not quite looking for professionals. Here is what i am looking for.........

1. would like for you to have a job......paintball is very exspensive, so is starting a team. we all need to be able to buy paint for practices, tournaments in the future, equipment upgrades if necessary.

2. AGE!!!!!........i am looking for about 17+....let me explain...its a guideline not a definate rule....i really dont want to be a baby sitter....its not so much as being that age.......just acting mature....

3. Transportation.......you do not have to own a car.....just be willing to travel!!! i dont have a car so i dont expect this person or that person to pick me up everytime we have practice!!! I dont drive.....but the train system runs very well!!!!

4. though this is new to me i am a very competitive person. I am not trying to just get to gether and play for the hell of it. I want to start a team!! I want to play in tournaments!! and not just play I want to WIN some tournaments!! i am looking for people who want the same...

5. MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!!!!!!! be willing to learn........this is a learning experience for me..just come open minded and willing to learn and get better at playing a sport that you like to play....be willing to throw ideas and suggestions out in the open, as wells as taking them in return...

this is kinda what i am looking for in players to start up a paintball team in the city area.......if you are interested please let me know.......like i said these are guidelines not definate rules.....

a little about me

Name: Kenneth W.

Nicknames: Ken, Kenny, Kobe, K.DuB

Age: 21

Location: Queens NY

Work: JetBlue and TSA

Day Available: Through out may; Tues-Weds all day, Mon-Thurs-Fri after 9pm, Sat-Sun not available

Marker: 09 Proto SLG UL

Loader: Dye Rotor 09

Barrel: Proto Stock 12" at the moment but i am picking up the Invert Nightstick before my next paintball session

Tank: Ninja 68/4500

Playing Style: (Back/Mid/Front) i would say i would fall in the middle of Front and Mid. I dont like to sit still for to long...i like to play agressive and on the offensive.


27 April 2009 - 01:09 AM

thinkin about the proto pmr. jut came across a person selling the DM5 with a tank for about the same price...............but gun vs gun what do you think is better

09 Proto SLG vs Tippmann A-5??

03 April 2009 - 06:18 PM

I just got a a5, havent used it yet. Just so happened to see mike's video on the 09 SLG and now im thinking about taking the a5 back.....what do you think?? A-5 or the SLG, and why?