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calling all hockey fans i need help

15 December 2010 - 07:23 PM

hey guys my gf loves hockey so i figured id get here some tickets to the dallas stars red wings game but i know nothing about so picking seats is hard so i need your help here are the choce of seats

sec 104 row s seat 11 and 12
sec 115 row s seat 12 and 13
sec 121 row y seat 8 and 9

also shes from michagan so she likes detriot but we live in dallas.

heres the link to the seat map

thank for any help


Top 3 bands of all time

02 December 2010 - 07:12 PM

im bored so i figured id throw this up here what are yalls top 3 bands/artists/groups or whatever.

mine top 3

1 Beatles
2 system of a down
3 red hot chili peppers

my fucking manager

30 July 2010 - 04:33 PM

ok im a ref at my field and as most people who have been refs know you dont get to play as mush as you would like so when they do get to play its great. so i go out to play today and there are only 2 people working because one guy decided not to show up and when i get there are about 30-40 walkons so im exicted to get to shoot some people then another ref shows up to play and then 3 guys that used to work there show up so where all having a good time playin and my manager calls up the other ref charles and asks him to work and he says no then he calls me my phone was in my truck so i didnt know he called though so where playing havin a good time and the two refs who were working were stressin on somebody to come and work because they had a birthday party at 3 and had no one to ref it so my manager shows up at like 3:20 with the guy who didnt show up in morning and starts bicthing at me and charles about how we lyed and said we were busy and if we ever did it agian we would be fired. ok no what really pisses me off is that the guy who was shceduled to show didnt get in trouble and was helping my manager move and also that my manager was mad because he had to get off his fat lazy ass and come to the field to actually work instead of hanging out with his freind eating chik fil a. so in the end he said i could stay and work or i could leave so i was like fuck it his fatass can work if he cares that damn much and left and so did the other ref charles so in the end it was my manager being fat and lazy and not wanting to do anything oh yah the other guy didnt get in trouble since hes best friends with my manager FUCK YOU.

end rant/

WTB elbow pads

29 July 2010 - 04:46 PM

need some new elbow pads just show me what yah got well go from there

need trade help now

14 June 2010 - 11:14 AM

hey im selling my protege all stock and a guy offered me his marq 6 with

Modded Vice Trigger
CP Reg
Eclipse Rail
Pillow Bolt
Quick Disconnect Ram
Frenzy 3.1
Lurker Turbo Spring

so should he add or should it be strait