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In Topic: Sub 250 marker for reball use

27 June 2009 - 09:47 AM

That's certainly food for thought, and as you rightly guessed, we do need to buy new from a retailer due to the red tape of getting money from our student union. The vibe is definately an option, as these markers are just to get the new guys going until they get their own kit, but I would like something that is Millennium compliant as we play a league that uses their new firing mode and rof cap. Thanks for the feedback, keep it coming. :)

In Topic: What Causes kick?

19 May 2009 - 07:54 AM

What is the reasoning behind measuring absolute kick for each marker, when a comparative study might be more illuminating (and much easier to realise). A comparative study would allow some of the variables to become constants (ie same hopper, same measurement position for each marker). Obviously, as highlighted earlier in the thread, there are always going to be issues with pressure fluctuation in each marker, but assuming the constant would be the fps of the ball rather than input pressure you could measure kick for shots that had the same velocity (chrono each shot). The stock barrel could be used as a measure of each marker from stock, rather than having to consider the effects of barrel lengths (although that could be used in making conclusions about the explanations of differences I'm sure). I'm not sure if the results would really show much we didn't already know though (actual kick should be constant due to a constant mass being accelerated at a similar rate over a similar distance, but percieved kick will be affected by reciprocating mass and total mass of the marker recieving the opposite force on the paintball, as well as the direction the force is acting relative to the point the marker is being held). Now, if indeed you guys want to quantify all of those different things, you have a very complex task ahead.

In Topic: formula "fps to mph"

19 May 2009 - 07:09 AM

It's a lot easier when you live in a country that use kilometers instead of miles. 300 Feet per Second = 329.184 Kilometers per Hour

So roughly, kph = fps plus another tenth. Easy.

Do countries that use the MI system (kilometers) measure paintball velocity in FEET per second or Meters per second?

we use fps.

In Topic: why do we play in baggy clothes?

06 May 2009 - 05:37 AM

We haven't considered the effect of wearing tight clothes that aren't spandex-like in construction yet. What if I were to wear very close fitting (but not necessarily skin tight) playing clothes of the same thickness (or greater) of my standard playing gear? I might still get that 1/4" of air between me and the clothes with a bit of foam padding (as seen in eclipse jerseys for instance), and gain the benefits of decreasing my profile. Now, I may not get the same bounciness that I might from, say, 2 layers that are draped over themselves from my crouched posture, but this might be a good inbetween. I've caught balls in the material under my armpit while running (where there was no "me") and wondered if a smaller jersey might be beneficial. Rather than consider the extremes, perhaps consider a halfway point that optimises bounce/profile ratio. My 2 cents.

In Topic: Anyone at NvS Warped Big Game ???

04 May 2009 - 12:58 PM

What an epic weekend! 2 days of sup'air and a full day of insane action! My body and bank account are in pain now, but it was so worth it!