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Sub 250 marker for reball use

27 June 2009 - 09:14 AM

Hi guys, we've finally recieved the insurance money from all of our uni club kit being stolen, and now I'm looking to get 5 full setups, primarily for use with reballs, and need some advice. We had huge issues with our ions before they were jacked, due to the fact that you can't increase the bolt force without increasing velocity (we run about 240fps with reballs in our little gym) and the bolts would stick/not cycle fully on a very regular basis (probably not helped by how filthy our reballs were). So I want to get markers that will shoot reliably with reballs no matter what. we have about 2700 GBP to spend on everything (kitbag, bottles, some cheap reloaders, markers, spares, etc.) leaving between 200 - 250 per marker so we're looking at SLG UL/ DP G3 price range. Anyone know about or have experience of either of these markers with extended reball use? In an ideal world I'd have poppets so I could just up the LPR pressure and be worry free, but they all seem to be a bit pricier than our uni budget allows. Any ideas?