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Bah! Someone should just buy my PM7!

24 February 2014 - 01:11 PM

I see so many people here posting stuff like "What marker should I get in the $300 price range?" and I just want to scream "BUY MY PM7 IT'S WAY BETTER THAN ANYTHING ELSE YOU'LL FIND FOR THE PRICE!"


Seriously, that thing has been up for sale for a while now, is in great condition and comes with ALL the goodies, and I haven't had  single bite yet. It's just frustrating. I know I'm asking more than most people would for a PM7, but I honestly believe that not only is mine a better example of a PM7 than others, but it's still a truly great buy. That's why I bought it in the first place! I'm only selling because I own a PM8 now.

For Sale Only: Proto Matrix 7 (PM7)

03 February 2014 - 11:15 AM

My Feedback


Marker: Proto Matrix 7 (PM7)
Condition: 9/10 Mechanical (see known problems), 7/10 Cosmetic
Color: Stormtrooper (White with Black accents)
Upgrades: Ultralight Frame, Ironmen Trigger, Lever Clamping Feedneck, Ultralight 14" barrel tip
Known Problems: Eye ribbon is bunched up inside the grip frame. If the ribbon isn't inside the grip frame, the eyes will not work. However this has never been an on-field problem because you only notice it when the grips are open and the eye ribbon is loose and dangling. This problem may progress in the future though, so it's something to watch out for.
Asking Price: $245 including shipping and paypal
Shipping Options: flat rate box
Trades of interest: None
Location of item: Georgia, USA
What is Included: What is in the first picture. That's the PM7, the Proto Case (this one with a different logo), a set of allen wrenches, Dye lube, a barrel sock, and a small parts kit. I also have the manual printed on regular paper (not the original manual).


Further details:

1) the eye ribbon seems to have a loose connection somewhere, but it only happens if it's out of shape outside the grip frame. The very act of closing the grips corrects it (never had it fail with the grips closed). This problem has not gotten worse for me, but it can potentially in the future. As you can see in the pictures, the eyes currently work.

2) The regulator has scratches around it. It looks like someone took a wrench to it and didn't know what they were doing. There are other tiny miscellaneous marks on the marker, but you'd have to look for them to see. These are the blatant marks that bring the cosmetics down.

3) I believe the grips are original from 2007 (I'm not the original owner), and so they bulge out at the back. It's not a problem (it's not like someone will be behind you, magically shoot through your hand holding the marker and hit your board), but I wanted to note it for full disclosure.


All this considered, this marker is in excellent condition with everything you could want. I'd compare if favorably even to a DM9 as it sits due to the lower profile, eye covers, and ergonomics.




note: that's not scratches/etc near the LPR, it's just needed to be cleaned.







If you have any questions, ask away. I will answer them promptly.

Ever feel sorrow about seeing someone's marker sold?

23 December 2013 - 04:37 PM

I just bought a PM7 from trademygun because they had accidentally listed it as an '07 PMR, and so it was very underpriced. When I got it, I just felt so bad. It was clearly someone's baby, with all the right aftermarket touches to make it incredible. It had a UL frame, a 14" dye UL tip, a Dye Ironmen trigger, a Dye lever clamping feedneck, and a nice proto soft marker case. It was silver, but had also been color swapped with a black one on certain parts for a very nice stormtrooper look. I can't believe how cheap it was, but more importantly, how attentive the previous owner was as to the tasteful modifications. It's just so well put together. Maybe it's just me, but it's saddening to know that someone put a lot of effort and care into this marker, only for it to be sold to trademygun, and then mishandled because they couldn't even recognize it's greatness. It makes you wonder what caused the original owner to sell.


23 November 2013 - 07:27 PM

I've owned a PM8 before and had to get another one. My problem: I'm somewhat of a perfectionist on certain things. I had to get everything I wanted, and I finally got it all together. It has:


Dye Ironmen Blade Trigger (always thought this one was the reach, but it's labelled blade)

Dye Lockdown Collar

On/Off/Purge ASA with center macroline

Parts kit with case (includes everything from detents to reg seats to o-rings

Proto Gun Case & Original Manual

I also still have all stock parts (these last three are what really put it over the edge for me)


I know it may seem odd to like a marker like this so much, but for what I paid and what I'm getting, I can't think of a better value. This is going to be used, and so it's the opposite of a wall-hanger.






Has anyone dealt with no-brand products from ebay?

20 November 2013 - 03:55 PM

Specifically, the item I'm debating purchasing is this:



Obviously these are no-name random products that some random company produced for super cheap with not the greatest tolerances. The thing is, on/off ASAs don't require good tolerances. So long as the threading doesn't strip and it seals, it'll be fine. Normally I would never consider this, but since I really want a dust black dovetail mounted on/off/purge ASA with macroline coming from the center, and I can't find them anywhere else except for $60 for the Dye version and $60 for the PE version, I'm stuck. I don't want the cheaper PE Oops v2 because I don't want an additional rail. I would be willing to go for a used Dye UL Airport, but those are still $40+. Has anyone bought anything like the link above before? I wouldn't think to purchase it without hearing from someone else's experience first.