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In Topic: pure energy 45 / 4500 myth regulator

07 August 2012 - 03:59 AM

whats it worth? out of hydro barely


In Topic: Tippmann FT-12 Flip-Top Marker Now Available at Local Paintball Dealers

07 August 2012 - 03:54 AM

I didn't like them. too finicky around the asa.
but then again i can take apart 98's faster

In Topic: how much air should a snake player carry?

02 July 2012 - 08:50 PM

use a 68/4500
need good and proper shooting form, even in the snake

In Topic: Mini vs PMR vs Extcy

27 June 2012 - 04:03 AM


the proto is a better gun overall, can't reallly tell you about co2, my field does'nt even have it.

The only thing the Proto Rail beats the GoG Extcy in is its weight. It is lighter...

Other then that the Extcy beats the Rail in the following.
- On/Off ASA (Rail is just a screw-in asa)
- Metal Feedneck (Rail is a cheap plastic)
- Blackheart Board (Way more settings to play with then the Rail)
- Waterproof Board (Rail is not)
- Lower dwell (eXTCy is more efficient)
- Easier maintenance (Less o-rings, bolt is easier to take out)
- Longer stock barrel (13.5" for the eXTCy)
- Plastic hard case (Rail doesn't come with a case. Not a big deal but still a plus.)

GoG eXTCy 8 - 1 Proto Rail 2011

eXTCy vs Mini (my experience)
EXTCy beats Mini in the following
- On Off ASA (Mini is just a screw in asa)
- Feedneck (Mini feedneck doesn't stay on as tight)
- Blackheart Board (Easily the best board that's even better than any mid end gun except for maybe the fx)
- Waterproof Boar (Mini is not)
- Easier Maintenance (Easier to take out and less o rings)
- Longer Stock Barrel (13.5" opposed to 12")

Mini beats eXTCy in the following
- Weight (Just the gun itself)
- Efficiency (eXTCy is a spool valve gun)
- Box (Empire has a box a behind planet eclipse)
- Tight Setup (Mini is well mini)
Non-plastic body.
Requires much less maintenance.
Better tuning options.
No internal hoses and fittings.
But most of all, a metal fucking solenoid housing.
Cheaper replacement parts.
Autococker threads.
Universal support.

mini is a much better gun. not saying the extcy is bad, but not on the mini's level.

Why does empire and invert have the mini? I'm assuming they are the same exact gun so why would one be called te invert mini and one called the empire mini?

Because empire bought out invert and rebranded the marker later in its life.

thats bullshit. Empire and Invert are Kee brands. Kee wants everything to be empire now.

In Topic: Should I upgrade to the fusion Fx from...

27 June 2012 - 03:48 AM


I've had my mini approximately for a month and have been considering an upgrade as I really enjoy the sport. I know the time frame is very short, but I feel
that this trade that I would be doing sounds good for a gun in the next tier. Essentially, the trade would be aprox. 250 bucks + my mini for a brand new Fusion Fx.
What do you all think?

Fuck that. Mini is a much better gun. Shoot it till the reg blows, no reason for another gun.