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In Topic: what kind of paint does your field use?

24 July 2012 - 04:37 PM

Nelson for $55/case. Blue or green shell, I think the green is called Dread.

In Topic: Bonusballing jerk

21 July 2012 - 10:06 PM

This is paintball get back at him by goging him the next game, I mean seriously if you are man enough to play paintball then you shouldn't mind getting hit several times.

I couldn't get back at him because he played one game that afternoon. The rest of the time was spent in the air conditioned pro shop.

The people have spoken and I decided to delete the video. It's not exciting, funny or interesting so it's not worth keeping.

In Topic: Bonusballing jerk

21 July 2012 - 10:51 AM

Getting bonus balled is never fun, in rec play, if the person knows better then I think its a perfectly reasonable reaction to get upset. BUT, that kind of stuff needs to be left on the field, there is no need to be going home after the fact and starting an online smear campaign.

I took TechPB's feedback and YouTube comment feedback and added annotations and changed the title. I've never been bunkered like that before. I've been one-balled or double-tapped and that's okay to me. I just didn't expect that many shots from a walk-on game.

I overacted a bit and I've cooled down some, too. I'm leaving the video up just to show how some players can take being bunkered and some can't.

New video description:

EDITED DESCRIPTION: I originally thought I was bonusballed, but more correctly I was bunkered. I took this personally because it was a walk-on game and I thought the player was being a jerk. He did a good move to end the game, but I still think he overdid it by shooting me 5 times.

What I'd like viewers to get from this video is what it's like to be bunkered. Not so much how to learn to bunker someone but to realize that getting shot multiple times hurts. If you're playing with renters or walk-ons, make it clear what your bunkering and surrender rules are.

I didn't enjoy this game and took it personally. Some players are okay with bunkering and others like me aren't so happy when it happens. Just some food for thought!

In Topic: Bonusballing jerk

19 July 2012 - 06:34 PM

Dude, he bunkered you. He did not bonus ball you. I'm not to sure, but I think I heard him say "you all good?" after you layed your gun down.

i turned it up he asked "you all good?" you are overreacting a bit here, also he was staring at you awkwardly waiting for a responce to his question asking if you were ok, then the ref starts talking to him.

sure it is a little excessive... enough to warrant a massive freak out? no.

The referee asked if I was good. He was standing right there. The only thing that player said was "That was fun."

I left a comment on my video and I'll paste it here too:

Gotcha, I think there has to be a distinction.

Tournament bonusballing: shooting dead player for several seconds after called out.

Recball bonusballing: shooting player multiple times at close range.

Is that fair? Casual players don't like getting shot 5+ times.

I'm OK with bunkering but he could have shot me 2 times and I would have been okay. The player should have used more discretion and I didn't exactly recover from that immediately, should have tipped him off that he crossed a line.

Do you think this comment is fair?

In Topic: Bonusballing jerk

18 July 2012 - 10:18 PM

while im against bonus balling, i have to agree with this statement, while an apology or at least a my Bad would have been nice, it is no way owed, its one thing if he caught you off guard and railed those shots in your side while you were looking another way but he was making an aggressive move to ( I know its not really bunkering) bunker you out, which by the fact that the ref was seen in the vid standing next to the player ( at least i assume hes a ref) indicates that its allowed by the field to do so since no reprimand or indication of wrong doing was given. he was against an opponent that at least from what i saw in the video was a competent player not some first time renter. was it more shots then needed probably, Im not trying to make excuses for the player but dont really see it as a big deal either.

Cool, someone thinks I'm a competent player! Thanks for that and I see your point in your post.

The rules aren't explained at this field so I want to tell the refs to give a short safety briefing. Some common understanding has to be established for casual/new players about bunkering/surrendering.

I can't speak for this guy either. But what I get as the guy on the receiving end is "Ouch that f-in sucked and why did you need to shoot me 5+ times?" What I also get is this guy wanted to prove something and he doesn't know where the line is. I really do believe this guy would have lit up your little brother or sister or girlfriend the same way he did to me. That's what makes me bitter about this.

I play paintball to have fun. I'm glad this only happened once that day. I'm never going to play tournaments and I don't want to play someone with a tournament mentality.