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In Topic: Dye Rotor Loader - TechPB World Cup Interview

22 October 2008 - 10:28 PM

B-E-A-UTIFUL must have

In Topic: Tennessee Incursion

15 October 2008 - 11:54 PM

aye do you see that there are going to be 2 different paintball games coming out for the 360, thats tight as a mug!!!!!!!!!
....................and yeah, GAS FACTORY!!!

09' SLG freakin BEAST!!!!!!!!!!

In Topic: Tennessee Incursion

08 October 2008 - 06:37 AM

Section 8 is SCARED in my opinion, bunch of....... well you know. but yeah hit up Ben and Zach and Hunter and James and I'll tell, Nobody. lol

In Topic: Tennessee Incursion

07 October 2008 - 11:52 AM

Yeah sorry Bro.

But Colton, Im not sure when I get back from TX so I might be able to scrim if we do it next weekend, but IDK!!!!!!!
I think we should scrim Section 8 before or after we play the Rejects do get our spirits HIGH naw mean.

In Topic: Tennessee Incursion

06 October 2008 - 07:41 PM

Agreed I want to scrim the rejects before we go into our first tourney