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New Evil Minion Could Use Insite

06 April 2009 - 10:09 PM

hey all techpb people i just bought an 06 Evil Minion with some upgrades i would like some comments on weather it was a good buy and what elese i could do to upgrade it

i bought the gun from a local shop.....Im tryin out for the team in may and i want a good gun to try out with im a year into the sport and have always played with terrible guns. not real keen on gun reviews and capabilities. this is why im asking for insite

.. i bought an 06 evil minon with a evil .686 barel with a new cp clamp feed neck cp reg ul frame and a not sure brand asa.and a virtue board simply because they are gaurnteed for life. the eyes are stock and im guessing the firing bolt too... i bought a simple 60$ 3000/48cu compressed air tank and all together i paid about 410 bucks....

i had the chance to buy a nxt shocker and i passed up for this gun... got alot of news that minions are more reliable then the shocker and easier and less costly to fix when broken most of the time. if you have any comments or opinions let me know

if anyone wants to post about how elese i can upgrade the gun or if i should get rid of it let me know