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Autococker pumping trouble

03 August 2010 - 02:54 PM

Hey guys, it has been forever since I've been on. Kinda dropped out of paintball for a short while. But, that all aside, I've gotten back to it. Now, I'm trying to get my autococker to work. I'm getting there, but currently I'm having an issue. When I air it up, it leaks down the barrel. As in, after I pump it and take a shot, it leaks. So it goes pump, pull trigger, leak, pump (leak stops). Is this an issue with the springs? So far that's my only guess. I'm not terribly gifted when it comes to autocockers, and I actually won't be able to mess around with it for a while, because I'm in the process of moving. Just figured I'd get some ideas for what I should do with it when I do get a chance.

Some Autococker Pump help

06 March 2010 - 03:19 PM

Ok, so firstly, my pump on my cocker really isn't all that smooth. My friend just got one, and his is waaaaay smoother than mine. So, what exactly can I do to fix this?

Second: I believe the valve is stuck in my gun. I can't seem to get the valve/cupseal out, I have the lock set screw out, and like everything else off the gun. It's just these last two things that are stuck in it. Is there some trick to getting them out?

Tippmann project

19 February 2010 - 10:48 PM

Ok, so I have this Tippmann 98 custom that I don't really use now. I'm a pumper, and enjoy light guns, and the tippy is about the opposite of that. Well, I've decided to turn the tippy into more of a rifle, put a bipod on it maybe, red dot sight, maybe find a new feeding system, hell maybe even make it bolt action. This is going to be a super ongoing project that I will update periodically. Throw out any ideas, thoughts, criticism. Everything is appreciated Posted Image Now, some pictures:

Here, I have cut off the loathsome foregrip. I hated that thing, and am glad it's gone. Still a little sharp, needs some work.
Posted Image

And now it's sanded down, nice and smooth. Won't cut my hand.
Posted Image
So, so far I have made it more rifle like. I have somewhat abandoned the idea of putting it into a wooden stock simply because all I have is a dremel, and it's a bit much to do with just me and a dremel.


18 February 2010 - 07:08 PM

Ok, so basically, I'm looking to buy some Valken gear. I'm not 100% set though. I like what they have, but I know almost nothing about them. Anyone have any valken stuff that can speak for it's quality? It looks pretty legitimate, but I like to check with people first.

Specifically, I'm looking at the marpat sierra gear. And the V-Tac molle gear.

Stock and Tippmann?

17 February 2010 - 11:59 PM

Ok, so, I've got a little project going that involves me cutting off every extra bit of metal my Tippmann 98 custom doesn't need. After that, I plan to drop it into some sort of rifle stock, just for kicks. Making myself a rifle tippy. But, I have no experience with rifles at all... so, I was looking for some advice on what kind of stock I should use. Basically, if the tippmann with fit in it, i'm not worried so much about making it work. I just need something that she'll fit into.