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Solenoid vs Board Failure - Bob Long Darq Marq

10 September 2014 - 04:13 PM

Hey all, I've got a question on the signs and symptoms of solenoid vs board failure; is there any place where they are described and attributed to one or the other?

The questions comes from some issues I've been having with my BL Darq Marq, a few months ago it started acting up with one of every 4 or 5 shots in a stream dropping low, around ~180 fps with all the others around it shooting just fine. I tried turning up the dwell 2 or 3 ms and that seemed to help the problem. Then, the last time I played, in the last game, all of the shots were dropping low, refusing to go more than 30-50 feet.

I tried a brand new Duracell Procell, and previously swapped all orings on the bolt engine and regulators, gun was working fine all day except for the last game.

There's still some investigating that I need to do to make sure it's not something stupid, but to my knowledge the HPR and LPR pressure are where they should be (I do have a pressure tester) and all board settings are stock. 

If everything else is fine, my problem seems to be electronic, but it's difficult to tell whether it's the board or solenoid and at ~$100 a piece it would suck to guess wrong, so is there any place to find the details on solenoid vs board issues?

Bob Long Marq Velocity Drops

11 May 2014 - 05:59 PM

Hey all,  I was having a weird problem with my Darq Marq (Marq 7 I think) this last weekend. Every fourth or fifth shot, the velocity would drop to around 240, and every other one was around 290. Even when it got full velocity it was very inconsistent. It was definitely noticeable out on the field and the ball would not go nearly as far as the others. This problem was NOT only when I was shooting a stream, but would happen even just one balling over a chronograph. I did have the problem about a month ago as well, but it wasn't nearly as bad and i was playing in the snow and cold so I figure it was just the cold affecting the inline poppit.

Has anyone else had a problem like this previously? I haven't had much time to dig into it yet, and won't be playing again for a while, but I would like to at least have tried a solution before the next game.

Important info:

New Duracell Pro-cell 9 volt

.679 Freak insert, pretty much matched to the paint I was shooting (Empire Premium)

LPR set to 75 PSI

HPR pressure unknown, probably around 230-260

Stock board settings


What I am definitely going to do is carefully inspect the bolt kit orings and clean the HPR and LPR and inspect all orings, also go through the board and make doubly sure all settings are stock.


I'm hoping it's not some weird board or solenoid issue and it's just a bad oring somewhere...


If anyone has had this before on a Marq or has any other advice, I would appreciate any comments or pointers!