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In Topic: Empire Halo Too F/S

08 May 2013 - 06:41 AM

Payment sent 5/8/13 (combined with Ninja air tank)

In Topic: NInja 68/4500

08 May 2013 - 06:40 AM

Paypal payment sent 5/8/13

In Topic: Empire Halo Too F/S

07 May 2013 - 08:15 PM

For $40 I will buy this with your Ninja air tank. Kill 2 birds at once? :)

In Topic: A Pumpers Most Memorable Moment...

06 May 2013 - 11:10 PM

Way way back in the old days 1989 must have been. A buddy of mine from school and I went to the local field KEA Paintball. This was in a time before chronographs. Paint was $2.25/tube of 10. CO2 tanks weren't totally common most people still used 12grams. You maybe, MAYBE shot 50 rounds a day...a DAY!
At the beginning of the day everyone lined up and shot at a metal real estate sign from about 50 feet. DING...sounds ok...NEXT! So it went till everyone shot the sign. If it sounded hard you turned it down, if it was wimpy you cranked it up, till everyone was happy with everyone else's set-ups. From then on it was capture the fort/flag. I had a KP Rifle with a 40 round hopper. A plumber friend had cut off the feed tube and brazed on an elbow so I could have a hopper instead of the tube, I was labeled a "hoser" hehe. Anyway.....

First game I don't think I saw a single person from the other team. Everyone was sneaking around in the brush I think we all did a flanking maneuver on eachother cause we swapped bases. Game was a tie.
Second game, I got to finally shoot at someone!! One guy stayed behind at their base to "defend" up in the tower. We came up behind him and I was voted to shoot him cause after all I am the hoser!! I shot him in the back 1 shot. Yaaaa I spent 22 cents and shot out 1 person woohoo :) We take their base and win game 2
Third game we left 3 guys behind in the tower base. I was in the bottom of a 2 story fort thing looking out at our flag. Some sneaky bastage comes up behind me and half whispers thru the wall....surrender? I was like Ummmmmm, no? So I see his gun come over the wall and over my head, he shoots. (blind fire has been around a while!!) Not sure what he was trying to hit but didn't even shoot the wall inside my hut. "did I get you?" he asks. "Nope!" I reply. This happens about 3 more times with the gun coming over the wall and shots going who know where, followed by polite questioning. I hear him sigh and figure he's about to actually look in my hut finally. So I turn and put the barrel of my KP rifle on the opening. His eyes cross as he's looking down my barrel which is just about on his nose. (Mind you shop goggles were the norm at this time, face masks were new and not common, at least here) His eyes are as wide as a saucers and he goes white as a sheet. "OH GOD I GIVE UP!!" he squeels. "Figured you might" I reply.

After the game he comes and shakes my hand for not blasting him in the face. We all take a break at our fort. We all just sit around telling stories of where we were at and who got the drop on who, good times. Then people get feisty. I can shoot this, or I can hit that from here challenges were being thrown left and right. There was a storm door from a house about 40 feet away with the 3 small double pane windows in it. People were shooting at the windows from various positions and it became my turn to see if I could hit it. No problem!! I shoot....and the ball goes right thru the glass. Everyone stops chatting, stares at me, then the window, then back at me. "I think you might need to turn that down?!?" The guy I had just stared down in the hut about poo'd himself at the thought of getting shot point blank by that.

I went back to the car and called it a day cause I had no way to adjust the velocity with me. I replaced that KP rifle before the next time I played so I never did adjust the velocity. Many years later cleaning out a closest I find that rifle. I took it down to the local shop which by now had chronographs. 460FPS!!!

Ahhh the good ol' days :)

In Topic: NInja 68/4500

06 May 2013 - 06:23 PM

I will take it for $75 shipped
You take paypal I assume?