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In Topic: You know you're a dedicated pumper when.....

19 June 2009 - 11:58 AM

my tally for costs of paintballing is $12, everythign included. air, lunch, entry, paint

your a lucky bastard, over here its 15 dollars entry, like 10-15 for a bag of paint, 3 dollars a refill for my 3.5 co2, 5 dollars for lunch...

In Topic: 13/3000 On Phantom....

14 June 2009 - 12:12 PM

i'd say stay with a 3.5 oz Co2. Phantoms run better on Co2 out of the box because Co2 has the correct operating pressure, and you get a lot of shots off a small size tank compared to a tank of the same size using HPA. Shot to shot consistency is not a problem unless your using an open class and you auto-trigger often, if you not part of that category Co2 will work great. If you do choose to use a 13ci some people say it's too long, and it's technically at more risk for getting messed up if your not careful, BUT as long as when you slide you turn your gun 90 degrees either way you'll be fine. If you play a lot of woods ball, it may be at risk if your running and trip and land on it, but by that point, so is a 3.5 oz Co2 tank. It is not by any means too much weight, and NO it will not bend the trigger frame or snap it just from being on. THERE ARE NO MODIFICATIONS NEEDED TO PUT IT ON, but if you want it to run as well as Co2 does you may have to play around with springs on the phantom and output pressure on the tank.

In my OPINION, I would have to say stay with a 3.5 oz Co2 tank

i will then, thanks

In Topic: Phantom.. VSC.. First time pump aswell...

13 June 2009 - 10:41 PM

1. I have never been more tired after a day of paintball.
2. 10 feet shots hurt :(
3. I love my Phantom VSC when using 12ies :rolleyes:
4. I will not be using my Dangerous Power G3 for quite some time.
5. I'm covered in Mud.
6. I've never gotten so many faces staring at my marker since I first got my pinokio :D

I lost a few 10 round tubes, had some fun, got some people out, got my ass kicked, and loved it.

same with me today, was like my second day with my phantom ^^

In Topic: Electric Tape Detents

13 June 2009 - 12:34 AM

Tape works great.

For me and the paint I use I find that:

For a .693 barrel two pieces of tape 180* from each other works fine. Use about 1/2" pieces and go from there. It might be too long, or too short it's kinda needs to hold the ball but only enough.

For a .685 barrel I use a single piece of tape about 1/2" long.

I haven't actually measured it but it might actually but 3/4". Just experiment, it's not like electrical tape is expensive :P

When you do use tape have a bit wrap around on the outside too.

I'll get you pics tomorrow or later tonight.

i pm'd u, if any1 can post pics 2night it would be great, im going 2marrow and i hate rollouts

In Topic: Best phantom grip?

11 June 2009 - 05:31 PM

i have big hands, i <3 dye stickys