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My marker broke down and Proto aint helping!

18 November 2009 - 07:24 PM

Well I bought my Proto SLG basic this spring, tested it worked fine no problems. Didnt use it untill around the end of september. I got it out of my closet put in a new battery and then the little silver thing in the grip started clicking like I was using the marker on full auto. (Forgive my caveman terms I dont know all the parts of my marker by heart!) Upon removal of the battery a lovely burning smell issued from my marker which my father said "Smells like you burned the board.". Which was later proven true by a ref at a local court.

Anyway to make a really long story short... I called Proto nigh on a dozen times and every time I call I get a prerecorded message telling me to leave a message and they would get back to me. Its been nearly a whole FUCKING WEEK SINCE I LAST CALLED!!!!

So what do I do? Keep calling the bird-brains, or just take my marker to a local repair shop?

Need advice.

01 October 2009 - 09:15 PM

Heres the story. My little brother is looking to buy a new gun. He wants to buy a Tippman A-5 because of the fact hes a HUGE Borg fan, I told him Tippmans are good mainly for woodsball and not speedball, on top of the fact I wouldnt have the slightest idea how to maintain it proper. And I am the one who maintains all the markers in the house! I told him he should go for a versatile gun like the G3 or a proto.

But then Im a noob so... I have no clue and thats what the forums are for! so any help would... ah helpful...Posted Image

Wolf3D problems!

17 June 2009 - 03:25 PM

Alright the game that started EVERY SINGLE FPS THERE IS TODAY! Doesn't seem to work for Windows Vista, and I cant seem to find that "Vista compatibility option thingy". Thus I am asking the old school gamers of TechPB for help!

Mike was wrong?

11 June 2009 - 11:32 PM

I remember a while back mike made a video about freezing paintballs. How it would only make the paint more brittle. Well I had some cheap paint lying around and decided to try it. And amazingly they froze! I could barely punch through the shell like mike did in that video!

Is this because it was Cheap paint? Or was it just a fluke? I am not saying Mikes a liar or anything (I have full faith in the fact that Mike would never lie to us.) like that I was jsut wondering how it worked.

And I am going to be busy over the weekend so I might not reply very quickly...

Doom 4

27 May 2009 - 09:31 PM

Ok it has been anounced that there will be a Doom 4 basically its going to be on earth this time.

Any speculation, ideas, suggestions?

IMO drop the scare crap and focus more on giving me hordes of demons to kill! Seriously, GOW2 had more enemies than Doom3! The first few had tons of enemies to kill. Doom3 had 4 or 5 in a room and that was it.