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Might be starting back up, wondering about some gear.

12 April 2015 - 11:47 AM

So I might be starting back up with paintball. Cars are still my number 1 priority but I still miss playing paintball. Might hit up the field every other weekend.

I still know the markers I'd wanna use as I'm going for older high-ends, looking at a DM8 right now. Yes I know the DM's like the back of my hand, at least I did a few years back.

Tank will be whatever 68/45 I can find cheap with hyrdo. Not sure about the loader though, 1st gen Rotors can still be had for cheap, right?

For a mask I'm thinking I3 Pro or ProAxis, I know both will suit my right.
Pants will probably be the simplest design I can find cheapest. I have Jerseys and headgear so that's sorted.


Pads is what I need some help with. I would want the cheapest pads that are of some quality. A set of old Proto pads maybe. Any tips?
And I need a pack. What to get for cheap these days?