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Might be starting back up, wondering about some gear.

12 April 2015 - 11:47 AM

So I might be starting back up with paintball. Cars are still my number 1 priority but I still miss playing paintball. Might hit up the field every other weekend.

I still know the markers I'd wanna use as I'm going for older high-ends, looking at a DM8 right now. Yes I know the DM's like the back of my hand, at least I did a few years back.

Tank will be whatever 68/45 I can find cheap with hyrdo. Not sure about the loader though, 1st gen Rotors can still be had for cheap, right?

For a mask I'm thinking I3 Pro or ProAxis, I know both will suit my right.
Pants will probably be the simplest design I can find cheapest. I have Jerseys and headgear so that's sorted.


Pads is what I need some help with. I would want the cheapest pads that are of some quality. A set of old Proto pads maybe. Any tips?
And I need a pack. What to get for cheap these days?

Post your own Let's plays!

30 April 2014 - 09:44 AM

As I know some of us make let's plays, walkthrough, guides etc in video games. Why not make a fresh thread where everyone can post them?

So if you've started a series or made a video, post it up. Or just make a shameless advert for your channel :D

Thinking about quitting...

28 April 2014 - 05:14 PM

So yeah, I'm actually thinking about quitting paintball. After over 7 years of playing at least once a week and two of those years were two to three times a week even.
I'm tired of all the drama, all the backstabbing and everything else. 

For example: I was trying my best to have this team together in 2013 that was set up of only good friends and people who have played together before, the team was called Carbon.(A lot of players on the team that won the whole Norwegian series in 2011, including me) When I was doing this I said no to probably the best team offer I have gotten. I played with these guys late 2012 and I know everyone on the team. That team would have been borderline perfect for me.They needed one or two more players and I was on the top of their list. This team's name is "Rebels" They're still a really good bunch of guys.


But here's where the issue came. After one tournament with the team I tried to hold together along with a few others I got the message from two of my teammates saying that they went over to Rebels, leaving Carbon out two players and that dissolved it. I didn't do much then except tell those two that was kind of on the edge of what I think is alright, they both knew the only reason I didn't say yes to Rebels was to play with Carbon. I signed on with what was rest of my old team, Slagen Bandits. There was pretty much just a couple of guys left as the rest left with Carbon and stopped being active when that team dissolved. Played one tournament and it wasn't even close to fun. I felt like shit, the tournament went to shit and that was the end of my tournament playing last year. After this I also stopped played once or twice a week and it went onto once or twice a month.

Now, the season is starting up, I have all my gear and in theory I'm ready to play again. But this is not the case. I got other shit to do now. I've picked up an even more expensive hobby and want to use time and money on that instead. But I just can't throw paintball away, I still have that feeling I should go play again. But to be honest, I'd rather hop into my Porsche and go for a three hour drive on mountain and country roads. Buying that 968 was the best damn decision I've made to date. I'm also in a relationship I actually feel good about, this is not common. Me and good relationships doesn't go together. So I wan't to spend time and money on that too.

I could make it work doing paintball next to everything, my job pays well and I don't really have to have road-legal racing seats in my 968. But why should I? I like playing tournaments, I like pushing it to the limit and playing the top league with a good team. But I don't have a team, nor are there any teams I feel like trying to join. And I don't really feel like playing anymore.

Fuck, I really can't decide. Maybe I should become a paintball photographer or a certified ref. I've been doing this for a long time now, I have a lot of friends in paintball and a lot of good and bad memories. What the flying fuck am I supposed to do? Voice your opinion TechPB, try and help out a stubborn idiot.