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06 June 2010 - 07:14 PM


go celebrate like any holiday force it upon all of those within ear shot by blasting slayer at every chance you get \m/


22 April 2010 - 08:24 PM

National slurs, religious content, and probably asbestos. Sorry, that kind of stuff never goes over well here.


06 April 2010 - 08:18 PM

who else remembers this beast game? this is me playing it today.

brass eagle

29 March 2010 - 10:39 PM

there should be a brass eagle show it would be awsome!!!

rc cars

14 March 2010 - 08:56 PM

who else here drives them?
i have a tmaxx 2.5 a tamiya blackfoot (the original) and a mini erevo vxl i can get pics later.
what do you guys have?