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Basic Strategy

07 December 2008 - 10:34 PM

Ive just been wondering if anyone has any basic tips and strategy i should keep in mind while playing to help me out.(speedball) Like are there any general rules to consider before making a move? Things like that.

Thanks in advance.

PMR eye failure

20 October 2008 - 05:16 PM

I recently purchased a used Proto Matrix Rail Special Edition, with a Dye Ultralight Frame. Everything seems to be working fine and as it should, except the eyes. When i turn it on it turns blue like normal, then goes right to green. On the first trigger pull it begins to blink green showing that the eyes are failing. Im pretty sure the battery is not going dead because the light does not blink blue, so thats not the problem. I swabbed the breach and cleaned each eye with a cue tip, although i did not remove the eye cover and clean them. Another problem related to the eyes is when i shoot it with the eyes on, the BPS is only at about 10, with any setting. For example if i put it on 13 BPS PSP ramping and shoot with the eyes on it is only about 10 BPS and only shoots two per trigger pull and not three. But when i turn the eyes off, it works exactly as it should. Your help with these problem would be greatly appreciated.

This was my exact E-Mail i sent to Dye, but i haven't got a response yet. I just decided to post here to see what you guys think, and if anyone can help that would be great. :]

UL'd PMR vs 05 Ego vs DM5

03 October 2008 - 05:44 AM

So basicly im gettting a new gun, and these are the three ive found. All are around same price so im wondering which is best?

UL'd PMR, 05 Ego, DM5

Which Gun?

02 October 2008 - 08:02 PM

Been playing paintball for awhile and i want to start getting more serious about it. So i got a 68/4500 carbon fiber tank, and a Halo. So now im looking for a new gun and ive narrowed it down to three.

1. UL'd PMR w/ alien barrel. $240
2. UL'd PMR everything else stock. - $230
3. Mini - $235

So which do you think is the best gun? I guess price doesn't really matter becuase they are all about the same, but which do you think is the best for the price? I'm leaning towards one of the PMR's although the Mini seems good too, but i heard you need LPA for them. Thanks in advance.

Gun Advice

01 October 2008 - 07:39 PM

So i started to get serious about paintball lately and i want a new gun. My birthday is in 7 days and i asked my parents how much they would spend on a paintball gun for me. They said in the 200s because they dont know much about paintball and think that is a lot to spend on a gun lol :[

So i need advice on a gun in the 200s, possible low 300s. I have been looking at PMRs but i reallllllly want a UL frame on one but i dont know if i can get used one that low? So need advice.

Guns ive been eying:

used PMRs with UL frames (think will 300 or under?)
SLG's (maybe a 09 SLG)
used 06 egos (think i can find for under 300?)
used eteks (same as above)
Minis possibly