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**NCPS 2010 Season Info Released**

06 January 2010 - 01:06 PM

The Nor*Cal Paintball Series is proud to announce the details of the 2010 season!

BYOP-In order to make events more affordable in these tough times, All NCPS events in 2010 will be BRING YOUR OWN PAINTBALLS. Regular restrictions apply, no pink or red fill paintballs. Due to staining/safety, Monster, Recon, Impact, and Striker paintballs will not be allowed. For those who wish to purchase paintballs at the event, you may pre-order and purchase them at the event.

Venues-The NCPS will bring you greater diversity by utilizing multiple venues- This year the NCPS will be hosting two events at Santa Clara Paintball Park and two events at Midway Paintball Facility.
To cater to the needs of the paintball community, the NCPS will be offering new formats/divisions for 2010:

*2-Man Young Guns- There will be no tournament entry fee for this division, players need only pay regular entry to the paintball field. This division exists in order to give our young paintballer’s a fun, safe, non-intimidating, and affordable way to start playing paintball tournaments. This division is for players who have NO tournament experience and are between the ages of 10 and 13. Up to three player may be on a team roster, only two will be on the field playing at any given time. Format- 2-man center flag, 3 minute time limit, 280 FPS.Limit-8 teams.
*3-Man Beginner/Rookie(Division 5)- This division is for new teams/players playing their first year of tournament paintball. Teams/players who played Young Guns last year, may play this division. If you played more than 2 events in 2009 or before, in any division other than Young Guns, then you do not qualify for this division. A Division 5 team may have up to 5 players on the team roster. The extra players may rotate in or serve as back up players.Format-3-Man center flag, 3 minute limit, semi-auto with unlimited R.O.F., no sideline coaching, 300fps.
*3-Man Open - This division is for players who played 3-Man last year or players with some experience, who are looking to play in a reputable, honest, and affordable local league. Players who are classified as Pro, Semi-Pro, or Division 1 players, will not be allowed to play in this division. Playing the open division will not affect your national ranking. This is a good way for players to get in some competitive tournament time without the commitment/expense that a 5-man team often requires. Format-3-Man center flag, 3 minute limit, semi-auto with unlimited R.O.F., no sideline coaching, 300fps.
*5-Man Race to 2 X-ball (Division 4) - This format is extremely popular throughout the United States and is gaining popularity in Northern Califorinia. Many people believe X-Ball to be the future of paintball. This division is for entry level X-Ball players/teams new to X-Ball. Since X-Ball is entirely different, NPPL and XPSL experience will not count against you. Teams will most likely be fine with 5 players and a coach. However, since x-ball is exhausting, we will allow a team to roster up to 8 players in addition to a designated sideline coach. Format-5-Man X-Ball race to two, sideline coaching, ramping guns at 10bps, visible game clock, 5 min limit, 300fps. Limit 16 teams

*if you have questions regarding your classification please e-mail us at ncps@cpspaintball.com

Entry Fees
2-Man Young Guns…………...……….………Free**
3-Man Beginner/Rookie(D5)…………….$200 entry
3-Man Open …………………………………….….$200 entry
5-Man Race to 2 X-Ball (D4)……………. $450 entry
** Young Guns players pay only regular field entry.

Prizes *Cash Prizes*
1st Place 5-Man………….$1,000 & trophy
1st Place 3-Man (D5)……$500 & trophy
1st Place 3-Man (open)…..$500 & trophy
* prizes based on 14 teams for 5-man, 10 teams for 3-Man Rookie/Beginner’ and 10 teams for 3-ManOpen

Event Dates:
Event #1-Feb.27th &28th @ SCP-San Jose, CA
Event #2- April 24th & 25th @ Midway-Vacaville, CA
Event #3- June 26th & 27th @ SCP-San Jose, CA
Event #4-Aug. 14th & 15th @ Midway-Vacaville, CA

2-Day Events- both 3-Man divisions will be held on Saturday and 5-Man Sunday

Player Id cards -All players will need player id cards for the 2010 season. Player Id cards will be $20 for the 2010.You can sign up now for id cards and start saving on admission at Midway Paintball and Santa Clara Paintball. Get your card at www.paintball-players.org

Media-Big Red Photography will be at all events. You can see pictures from 2008 and 2009 events at www.bigredphotography.net . D-Side will be taking video at all events and releasing several videos throughout the year. Watch out for lots of exciting stuff from both of these companies this year.

Registration-Registration opens January 10th. Show your support and sign up your team when registration opens. You can sign your team and pay later when you have collected team funds. On 01/10/10 you can sign up at www.paintball-players.org

Great time for Young Guns! GET AT IT KIDS!!!!! : ))))))

DM8 w/ ups vs. DM9 stock

19 October 2009 - 11:28 PM

DM8 w/

Billy Wing Bolt
Eye Pipe
CP Valve Plug

Around 830$

Stock DM9
Let me know, thanks alot :)

NCPS Event #5 2009!

06 October 2009 - 01:53 AM

NCPS is on the 24/25th guys. Last one of the 09 season. You know what that means :) Find a group of friends, get APPA cards($20 each), sign up and play one tournament this year so you can have a good taste of what playinga tournament will be like for next year :) If you don't have any tournament experience, try out 3man, and if you're under 14 grab a buddy and play some 2man Young Guns!! :)

Event will be held at Midway Paintball Facility in Vacaville, CA .. NorCal son

Formats Available / Cost

2man - Young Guns - 99$

3man - Rookie Beginner, D5 (I believe, maybe D4, check if you're qualified) - 200$

5man - Rookie, Beginner, D5

1-4th Places recieve varied prizes (maybe some cash :o?) for division, 1-4th recieve medals as well :)

For more information please visit - ncps.tv , http://www.midwaypaintball.com/ ... or call Aaron and Holli at (510)440-0199 Store is open Tuesdays and Thursdays 12-7pm, Friday 12-8pm and Saturdays 12-6pm

Come out and have a fun time balling!

For All You Youngins Looking For a Team

01 September 2009 - 11:22 AM

Original post made by scottaka_rufio on PBN...

Hello everyone.

Paintball is a huge Passion of mine for a very long time in my life. Over the years i have learned a great deal of paintball on and off the field and i feel i would like to share and give back to the Paintball Community.

I am searching for killers between the ages of 10-17. These are difficult years for some of the young players because its hard to get on a team because of their age or how much tournament experience they have.

As of right now i am just sparking interest and getting the word out.

For all the kids on here that need a team and want to commit then post up. For Parents or older Family members that want to see their kids become a killer than post them up.

League and division will be decided based on what level of the players.

For any questions or comments please feel free to Private Message me.

Now for kids Posting up.
I need

Previous Experience
Where do you Practice
Pics? and anything else you might want to add feel free

There will be an open tryout Sept 20th at location that is still being up in the air until later this week.

Again we as players are ambassadors to this sport. If you know kids that want a chance but arent getting it we can make it happen!!

And last please no flaming in the thread. Any questions please Feel free to Private message me.

Lets get this going!

If anyone is interested, PM me or Scott on PBN (NorCal Forum)

Star Frames

22 June 2009 - 06:31 PM

I've only been able to find Gold Star Frames in stock, everywhere. Apparently P.E has stopped making other color Star Frames? Why would they do something like that when the Etek line are some of the most popular markers...it doesnt make sense. Are they making a COMPLETELY new Star Frame for next year?