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Setup for Limited Ammo Play

03 August 2010 - 07:46 PM

I have been playing paintball for a little while now (about 3 years) and I have found that I can consistently go through whole games without using more than a standard hopper full of paint. Previously I have had a tippmann 98 and I like the semi-auto option, but that gun was too heavy and awkard, so I went and bought a CCI VSC Phantom (HUGE CHANGE LOL). I used that gun for about a year and loved it, but gradually grew tired of of only having a 15rd tube on top instead of a standard hopper. I have sold both now and would like to find something that is capable of maybe 2-8 BPS (basically a mech-semi, or auto-trigger pump) without being overly heavy or going electric because a high ROF is not necessary if i will never carry a pod pack.

Crossfire 45/4500 on a T9.1

21 July 2010 - 09:04 PM

If I were to get a new crossfire 45/4500 tank and screw it into the asa back block on my T9.1, would I still be able to get a proper cheek weld to look through the red dot sight even with the sight-riser thats included on the gun? I thought it would be a better value since i can get many more shots than if i went with the air-in-stock which is only a 13/3000. . .

TIBERIUS T9.1 air system

15 July 2010 - 01:38 AM

I've been playing paintball for around 4 years now and i have seen the capability of the FS rounds. I have decided to buy a tiberius T9.1 strictly for first strike round usage but I cannot figure out which air system that i should go with. I like the 12g cartridge mags that already come with the T9.1 and they are easy to buy, but I play mostly in the fall/wintertime in NC (40-65 degrees). I am not sure of how consistent the powerlets would be in cold weather even if i only used no more than 10rds a game. I have also seen the MilSig air-in-stock kit for the T9.1 and I am not sure if that would be necessary provided that the gun already has a source of air. I know the consistency of HPA but that system is another $140 which is money that I could use buy FS rounds with if the 12gs will do just fine. With this gun, I intend on playing a designated marksman style role with my teammates as I am used to being patient and picking my shots because of previous experience with a pump gun; so that means I will be not be shooting much. I want to have the best accuracy i can have. Any advice from 12g users?

Thanks for any help. . .