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In Topic: Macroless Mech Ion

30 August 2012 - 07:34 PM

You can use a lot of different ASAs for it, you just need to drill a hole for the air transfer, and counterbore the ASA for an o-ring. There are lists of ASAs somewhere on automags.org that say which ASAs are easiest to convert (common in pneumag conversions).

In Topic: mech ion

25 August 2012 - 10:23 AM

An SMAV-3 is very difficult to get walkable, even at lower pressures. The MSV-2 gets the largest benefit from the lever and having an incredibly short throw meaning that with the lever you still have a realistically short pull length. However, you are adding an additional component that needs to pressurize for the system to operate, which adds latency to the responsiveness, hence the increased likelihood of short stroking.

You can't drop the pressure too much for the system to still work properly, but you can use an LPR with just the SMAV-3 converted Ions and get a slightly lighter pull.

In Topic: FASOR Mech Ion

18 July 2012 - 05:52 PM

If that's the intent, it will not work properly at all - the bolt will gradually move forward as pressure builds (may happen rather quickly, but still more gradual than it should), then start stuttering around as it reaches the vent point.

Not a Legion Shocker - but very close. Probably as close as anything else that's been available at any point, at least as of yet.

In Topic: FASOR Mech Ion

18 July 2012 - 06:50 AM

I am a little foggy on how you plan on not using air to hold the bolt back, but still expect it to move forward. The 3-way valve in an ion holds the bolt back, not push it forward. You can have a spring assist return, but you still need that air in front of the bolt sail to keep it back. Unless you are moving the air ports as well.And yes, I said 3-way valve. I suspect you will be disappointed if what you bought is actually a 2-way.

In Topic: just put in a couple of orders for some parts ....

08 June 2012 - 07:28 PM

Now you need to snag a can of spray on foam insulation and a roll of Saran wrap, and do a comparison between measured shot to shot energy consumption determined through pressure monitoring of a near thermally isolated vessel and compare the theoretical numbers to a complete traditional efficiency test.

What are you using for data capture? I know that nicad used to use (or still might) a Stingray USB oscilloscope/data logger for testing purposes.