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In Topic: Wow, just wow.

17 October 2011 - 08:06 PM

So I want to go paintballing Saturday, last time of the season. So we were asking around who could give others rides there and back. Last week I said I might be able to give a ride back. Now let me give details, my parents have only one vehicle and my dad needs it most of the time, and his only real day off is Monday. So my friends assumed I could give them a ride back. But when I tell them I can't give them a ride back I told them to ask if they can get us a ride back from the field. What they told me is "WHY US? YOU ASK."

Are you fucking kidding me? I have given someone a ride there or back almost every time I have gone this season. I'm not taking responsibility in getting a ride when I have givin rides almost every time.

I'll skip paintball if I really need to because I'm sick of giving rides.

Happens to me too.

In Topic: Drone and etha similar?

17 October 2011 - 07:01 PM

Why are we already judging guns that haven't came out yet? Plus there is a $150 difference in the Etha and the Drone DX

In Topic: Ever Late For Practice?

17 October 2011 - 06:57 PM

Way to give paintball a good image, XSV. "It's ok, we are all just normal people who like the thrill of playing paintball. We never are violent or irrational. Also, if you are late for practice we will shoot you with a tazer."

Why so serious? Most of the people who watch this video if not all are paintball lovers... They prolly did it at the end of practice so it didn't waste time. We'll I would never be late for that team..

In Topic: PSP World Cup 2011 Webcast

17 October 2011 - 06:05 PM

Yay! First!

In Topic: Budget Goggle Cam?

16 October 2011 - 08:42 PM

I'd look into this if you want something pretty cheap or if your starting out..